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Movie Review - King and Country (1964)

Director: Joseph Losey

Stars: Dirk Bogarde, Tom Courtenay, Leo McKern, Barry Foster, Peter Copley

During WW1, Private Hamp (Courtenay) is accused of desertion with the penalty of death before a firing squad. 307 more words

The waltz continues

Amid the daily news “packages” on the recurrent onslaught of murder in Gaza, sits the regulation feature on the rising role of social media in modern conflict.  303 more words

Film Review: Countdown to Looking Glass (1984)

Continuing our theme of the nuclear apocalypse throughout July (and into early August), we take a look at the events leading up to atomic Armageddon! By this, I refer to a docudrama/alternate timeline by the name of “Countdown to Looking Glass.” The majority of the film takes place in the fictional “CVN News Studio” as information is relayed to us after daily time jumps. 1,146 more words


Review 27: The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)

Very recently I reviewed what I assumed to be David Lean’s greatest film: ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. I wish to retract that statement now. ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’ may be the best film under the genre of war I’ve ever seen. 889 more words

Academy Award For Best Picture

Apocalypse Now: Redux and Homestar Runner

Apocalypse Now: Redux- I have wanted to see the Directors Cut of Apocalypse Now for year and It finally came up on my Netflix cue. It was a decent movie but those added scenes really slow down the pace of the film. 269 more words


Drones Review

The poster art for Drones features a 21st-century soldier deep in The Suck, a M16 rifle with grenade launcher at the ready and a Batman utility belt strapped around his mid-section. 538 more words


Brad Pitt re-enlists for upcoming "Fury"

“War never ends quietly” says the brand new poster (see below) for Director David Ayer‘s war film titled “Fury“. That saying could never be more true, especially for a film that revolves around Pitt’s “ 261 more words