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New Release: Version 12

Version 12 of Tracks, Turrets, Armor, and Attitude is now available.  The User Interface has been improved; it’s much easier to click on and select fast-moving tanks.  293 more words


Jets vanishing from Europe radar linked to war games

Source: Reuters, Jun 13, 2014

VIENNA/PRAGUE – Dozens of aircraft briefly vanished from air-traffic control radars in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia this week and last in separate incidents that Slovak authorities blamed on military electronic warfare exercises. 101 more words


Gundam Rules in action!

Heya all! Took these pictures of my latest Gundam game a few days ago and thought you might be interested? These photos were taken in the middle of a light skirmish. 50 more words

Custom Gundam terrain

If you’ve ever considered spicing up the terrain for your Gundam games, you might consider building some destroyed Mobile Suits such as these:

On the left is a destroyed Zaku II, and on the right a destroyed GM and its shield. 111 more words

Side project: Afrikakorps

Howdy folks!

Before I talked about building some Afrikakorps! Well, here we are! It took about 3 days (approx 15 hours) to build. Perry miniatures are wonderful for the price, but I had to improvise a little, they had too many MP40s and not enough rifles. 24 more words