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Barnes Old Cemetery: an abandoned graveyard being reclaimed by nature

Barnes Old Cemetery is elusive.  There’s not much information about it to be found online, and it hides amongst the trees close to the tennis courts on Rocks Lane – most people using the courts or passing in the car or on the bus probably have no idea that it’s there. 2,055 more words


World War One: The Army Cyclist Corps

One sunny spring afternoon earlier this year, I found myself wandering round Isleworth Cemetery. This is a fascinating and peaceful place, opened in the 1880s when the graveyard at the nearby All Saints Church became full and was closed to new burials. 970 more words


More Family History Help for World War One

This week we have seen many articles about World War One as the 100th anniversary of the start of the war is remembered.

When visiting France it is very moving to visit any of the many war cemeteries.  238 more words

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Remembrance - The story of how the world famous rose got its name.

In the 1980s, a representative of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) arrived at the Harkness Nursery in England looking for suitable roses for their plantings. 467 more words


Memorials and Mobilization - A tragic centenary

Yesterday was August 3, 2014 – the day that marks 100 years exactly since Germany declared war on France. It felt fitting that I spent the day cycling around old battlefield and memorial sites scattered throughout the Somme. 966 more words

World War One - Pause for Thought

100 years ago on 4th August 1914, what became known as The Great War started. There are thousands of military and history blogs who will be marking this anniversary, but I just wanted to pause for a thought about those nine million soldiers and the seven million civilians who lost their lives and the further 21 million who were wounded during that period of our history. 816 more words