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Bowe Bergdahl soon to be charged with desertion

On Tuesday, Defense officials reported that Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl is expected to be charged with desertion, stemming from his disappearance back in 2009 when he was stationed in Afghanistan. 163 more words


snipers are cowards......

Apparently some  fat fuck yankee piece of shit “documentary” film maker made a comment that snipers are cowards and then later said that was what he learned from his WW2 veteran father. 319 more words


In Focus: A World at War

The world as we know it has only become more violent this past year. This is a overview of only a handful of the wars currently underway. 372 more words

Al Shabaab

America’s Exceptional Arrogance

There is a point of international law that says when a war ends, prisoners of war are repatriated. It was a major innovation in 1946 when the Western Allies decided to try some German prisoners as war criminals in the Nuremburg Trials instead of just releasing them back to their home countries. 267 more words


The Very Face of Terrorism

Author’s Note: This was originally published on my Facebook page on December 18, 2014, during the blog devotion to victims of police misconduct. Since I instituted a policy against posting anything to take away from it, there are a couple of things that I posted to other mediums. 1,612 more words

Robert Franklin's America

Manhattan Project #38 Berman Reconnects

(wherein reporter Jed Berman arrives in Bangor after covering the war in Afghanistan and is greeted warmly at the airport and even more warmly by his wife Jane when he gets home) 1,477 more words

Post 65

Dear Mr. President...

Among the many time-tested lessons our Commander-in-Chief refuses to learn is that a war isn’t over until both sides agree it’s over. Unilaterally declaring the war over and leaving the battlefield does not end hostilities, it merely gives one’s enemy the time and space they need to rebuild, rearm, and reengage in hostilities at times and places of their choosing. 669 more words