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ISIS receives another round of airstrikes, compliments of U.S. Military

Obama orders new airstrikes as ISIS continues its murderous campaign of terror.

American military forces conducted new airstrikes as ISIS militants killed at least 80 male members of Iraq’s Yazidi minority as well as kidnapping dozens of women and children. 357 more words

Barack Obama


Been trying to hear more about Yadezi Muslims due to a … file I had on one of them, is so the file claims, but the individual was nothing of the kind! 172 more words

What to do when feeling overwhelmed by news of war

As I spend the week having a clear-out at home and fussing over which colour cushion should go where, I can’t help but feel like it all seems so trivial. 711 more words


I Love the Decades. But Not This One.

Nostalgia is one of the great feelings in life. It’s what makes you happy, sad, proud, hopeful, and every other emotion rolled into one. As a child of the 90s born in the 80s, I have soft spot in my heart for anything and everything, the good and the bad, that makes up these decades. 381 more words


The Clean Up Crew

There’s a great story in one of David Niven’s Hollywood books (I cannot find them in the clutter of my study, which looks like a particularly slovenly used bookstore; bad me) about attending a Hearst-Davies circus themed costume party with Errol Flynn. 565 more words


Why Has Western News Coverage Lagged about ISIS & Christian Genocide in Iraq?

Today, the top story on Yahoo was something about one of the Kardashians “bold new maternity” outfits. Oh, and apparently Kim Kardashian is publishing a book about selfies. 647 more words

Christian Genocide

The Hitchens Archive: Video: Christopher Hitchens & Eric Alterman Discussing Politics in 2008

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on Blogger

Just to comment on Eric Alterman’s first point about Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens was never a Conservative, but perhaps a Neoconservative on foreign policy at least after 9/11. 128 more words