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The Cost of the War in Iraq

The most costly aspect of the War in Iraq that started in 2003 was the drop in public approval. The classic “American Exceptionalist” ideals of international intervention may have started to wane. 175 more words

Iraq War I: A New Hope

Part One: A New Hope

Few understood, at the time, what was so interesting or different about the Iraq War compared to other conflicts. Was it that the Cold War era of indecisive proxy wars was over? 1,052 more words


New Zealand Government Undermining its Global Reputation with proposed military deployment to Iraq

My old friend Dr Peter Cozens ,who was the past Director of the Centre for Strategic Studies at Victoria University, wrote me a note in response to yesterday’s blog citing additional reasons why John Key’s proposed deployment to Iraq is a folly.  698 more words


Are ISIS Khawarij - Shaykh Khalid Abdul Rahman Al-Misree

Shaykh Khalid Abdul Rahman Al-Misree said, “Firstly (before discussing if ISIS are khawarij or not because some claim they do not make takfeer upon major sins, know) it is upon the Muslims to return their affairs to the ones who are capable. 723 more words


Tony Blair’s Profiteering is Nothing New, But Nothing Has Changed Either

“It is massively to our advantage that President Sisi succeeds. We should help him.” ~ Tony Blair

In a shocking sentence from his essay Tony Blair called for unfettered support for Sisi.

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The Illusion of Heroes and British War Crimes in Iraq

Violence is the suspension of law and order, and by extension the rules of engagement in modern warfare are the subversion of the rules that make civilisation possible. 227 more words


How to Create a Terrorist, Part II

Yasmina Khadra, The Sirens of Baghdad, Part II.

Spoiler Alert!  I discuss the ending of the novel in this post.

This post is a continuation of… 1,158 more words