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Jim Murphy Announces that he will stand for Scottish Labour Leadership

Murphy is certainly one of the most divisive characters in Scottish politics, and we are left to consider the wisdom of the Scottish Labour Party in considering him for the leadership job. 259 more words


Australia to pay millions to U.S. to particpate in war in Iraq

I always new that as an australian citizen I would have to pay tax. In fact I was quite happy to do so. I can even put aside that close to 40% of my wage is allocated towards tax, and that 40% of the time I am working for someone else. 157 more words

Australian Citizen

bathroom newspaper clippings...

Trigger Warnings: contains graphic violence, rape


I have a small newspaper clipping pinned to the wall in my bathroom. When you sit on the john, it is right there in front of you – at eye level. 1,434 more words


The Future of Babies & Kidnapping

Given the proliferation of GPS dots, which can track objects (including babies) and be hidden anywhere, (including under the skin,) how will baby-snatchers “succeed” in the future? 508 more words


Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Lawson to provide technical briefing on Iraq mission

Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Tom Lawson will provide a technical briefing on the Iraq mission Friday. Lawson, who tends to shy away from the news media, will provide details on how the operation will unfold. 62 more words

Defence Watch

The moral imperative of preemptive global interventionism

I am generally annoyed by the one-dimensional view of US and UN foreign policy that has developed since the War in Iraq. If the US is found to have any but the purest of altruistic intentions in their interventionist policy, they are satan incarnate. 475 more words

Ivan Eland, Consortium News: The War Responsibility of Congress

Congress was to be the dominant branch of government, and the Executive’s role merely was to narrowly execute and enforce laws passed by that body. Even the president’s commander-in-chief role, much abused by modern chief executives, was to be restricted narrowly to commanding the U.S.

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