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Broken and Unlikely to Get Better: Military Mental Health Care

Well, my friends it’s time for me to get on the PTSD soapbox and go “Smedley” on the military mental health system. The fact is the system is broken, maybe not as bad as the VA, but broken nonetheless. 2,383 more words


Smedley Butler and the Racket That Is War

By Sheldon Richman

Source: The Future of Freedom Foundation

From 1898 to 1931, Smedley Darlington Butler was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps. By the time he retired he had achieved what was then the corps’s highest rank, major general, and by the time he died in 1940, at 58, he had more decorations, including two medals of honor, than any other Marine. 1,502 more words


Global Economic Austerity and the US War Agenda

Global Economic Austerity and the US War Agenda
by James Corbett via GlobalResearch.ca

In this stage of advanced globalization, banks earnings and corporate profits continue to soar even as real wages continue to plummet. 26 more words