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Flipping America the Bird, British Style

Apparently, if you’re a British diplomat serving in the United States and feeling a bit overshadowed by your bigger and better ally, you simply bake a creepy cake celebrating the destruction of your hated friend’s capitol building and then tweet a commemorative photograph of this governmental goodie to all and sundry.  742 more words


The Tides of History: The British Reverse Direction & Sail for Baltimore

Celestial mechanics actually  set up the Battle of Baltimore. We often joke in life about the planets aligning in ways that influence events. In September of 1814, the British fleet in the Chesapeake Bay was planning to depart, following the momentous attack on Washington. 418 more words

Sam Smith

And the White House burned, burned, burned...

Commemorating the 200th anniversary of burning the White House. Only sparklers this time! pic.twitter.com/QIDBQTBmmL

— British Embassy (@UKinUSA) August 24, 2014

Bicentennial of the Battle of Plattsburgh

Exactly 200 years ago, New York State was being invaded by a large British Army via Lake Champlain. I was reminded of this because recently I heard an NPR radio broadcast recreating the invasion of Washington, D.C. 472 more words


White House sacked 200 years ago today...

August 24th 1814

Today marks the 200th anniversary of the sacking of Washington and the burning of the White House. As legend would have it the British forces sent in troops fresh off from fighting Napolean Bonaparte. 516 more words

UK apologizes for tweet commemorating White House being burned

Okay, I know I shouldn’t be laughing, but I am…a lot!

It appears that the British Ambassador to the United States sent out a tweet commemorating the 200th anniversary of the White House being set on fire by the British during the War of 1812. 23 more words


General Ross Arrests A Notable American

Doctor William Beanes was a community leader in Upper Marlborough. He was born in Maryland and was of Scottish descent, speaking with a Scottish accent his entire life. 775 more words

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