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The second installment of the Three Panel Books series! Copyright 2014.

Cinematic Soulmates: The Mist and War of the Worlds

This is the introduction to an article originally published on Clearance Bin Review. It is part of my Cinematic Soulmates series, in which I would write about two films that compliment one another or lend themselves to a good double feature. 167 more words

Film And Television

Movies to Watch/Don't Watch

I have a strict “Stay In” policy I’m happily forced to follow and because of this years-long policy I watch a lot of movies.  A LOT.   611 more words

April Fool's Day and the best book-related prank of all time

Happy April Fool’s Day! It’s the 1st of April in Australia (and still in the AM)…but no pranks for me, yet.

Now, I love practical jokes, as long as no one gets hurt or is too humiliated. 382 more words

General Musings

War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds was a classic for me after my first viewing. Tom Cruise handles the invasion just like any of us would. If you are the type of person that is always looking for answers about other life in our universe, then go no further than War of the Worlds! 146 more words

Futuristic Ain't It?

Slice of Life Day 23: War of the Worlds With Some Spoilers

For the first time today I am watching War of The World with Tom Hanks from 2005. Warning: There Will Be Spoilers

 I’m watching it in short bursts, and I am at the point where all the birds are flying in the opposite direction that the crowd is going. 273 more words