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5 Reason to Legalize Pot Now

Keith Farrell||Bankable Insight

1. Black Market Crime

Who wants to keep marijuana illegal more so than almost anyone else? Drug dealers and drug cartels. In fact just legalizing marijuana in two states is having a major… 70 more words


Portugal's Drug Policy Boss vs. American Cop (9:20)

▶ Does Portugal beat USA in drug war? – YouTube.


July17, 2014

Listen to Joao Goulao, head of drug policy for all of Portugal and Jack Cole, retired narcotics officer, tell very different stories about how their respective countries deal with drug abuse.


The End of Pot Prohibition as We Know It

Come on Obama, the stench of hypocrisy is hovering over the American justice system, which is buried under the weight of its corruption.

The End of Pot Prohibition as We Know It… 688 more words


The mass influx of illegal immigrants from Central America

Illegal immigration is one of many political issues in America in which both sides of the argument are right and wrong at the same time because they fail to look beyond the surface of the problem.

War On Drugs

Marc Emery Released From Prison, to be Home Next Month

Marc Emery at a pro-marijuana rally outside City Hall in Calgary, September 2007.

Mark Emery is an honorable man. When the morally deficient agents of the DEA were threatening to put his wife and his associate in jail for 20 years, he took the whole rap and served five years. 188 more words


Brooklyn District Attorney to Immediately Stop Most Low-Level Cannabis Prosecutions

When this blog began four years ago, I was always apprehensive when it came to defend and promote marijuana. For example, five years ago Canadian Mark Emery was extradited to the US, and served five years in the penitentiary for selling seeds through the mail. 300 more words