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Poverty, Ryan, and Reality

When Rep. Paul Ryan (R-MN) first spoke about his latest proposal to reduce poverty in America, many in the human services field were skeptical, but optimistic. 1,018 more words

National Human Services Assembly

Education in the News Weekly Update: July 28-August 8th

Back from a week hiatus, Education in the News has some good nuggets of reading for you!

Edweek’s series on The War on Poverty chronicles education’s historic relationship with poverty. 117 more words

Celebrity Ed Reform

Want Luxury Living - Get on Welfare

The Mobility Counseling Program administered by the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) is a benign name for welfare on steroids. I provides vouchers or in welfare lingo “super vouchers” that ask taxpayers to pay up to $4000 per month for Section 8 recipients to live in that “deluxe apartment in the sky”. 464 more words

War On Poverty

Block Grants Don't Block Spending

Busy week. My latest column is up on Newsmax.com. Rep. Paul Ryan (R–Packers) has a new plan to fight the War on Poverty. And no, it’s not an exit strategy. 25 more words