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Afghanistan, Iraq, and now...Syria?

General Martin E. Dempsey told Congress Tuesday that in considering airstrikes to combat ISIS, the possibility of assistance on the ground should not be ruled out. 406 more words

Russia Meddles Elsewhere: Policy Ideas for the Caucasus

What would you advise President Obama to do in order to limit Russia’s expansionist policies in the South Caucasus? Brenda Shaffer, an advisor to Azerbaijan’s state-run oil company, has a few ideas: 173 more words

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Anti-ISIS Efforts: Kerry Reaches out to Iran

Secretary of State, John Kerry, has been participating in talks with several world leaders in order to discuss the issues surround ISIS activity in Iraq and Syria. 164 more words

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What Makes Israel So Special?

Now that a ceasefire has been declared between Israel and Palestine, the government in Israel is scrambling to cover its bases.  After asserting that it will not cooperate with the United Nations mission,   Israel’s Military Advocate General Corps has announced the launching of several investigations into potential misconducts of Israeli forces during the recent Gaza conflict. 313 more words


Friedman Offers a Strategy to Defeat ISIS

How can you make sense of the current conflict with ISIS?  It’s complicated.

You can always count on New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman to help you out.   208 more words

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How to Deal with Russian Aggression?

Can Russia annex Crimea and get away with it?  (It already did.)  And now will it be able to roll into eastern Ukraine and destabilize the region in a play that undermines Kiev’s ability to govern? 194 more words

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