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Making something when I'm angry: Harper, I'm angry with you.

I guess I’ve “known” it for a while but not really known it – making things when I am really sad and angry is a way to come out of that (usually) paralyzing space. 137 more words

Political Discontent

The politics of purity and compromise

The rhetoric of western leaders, as we once again prepare to wage war against Islamic peoples, has reminded me of the ways that I think the politics of purity (a politics that wants to neatly define who is in, who is out and, most importantly, where it is that “we” stand) has captivated our political imaginations. 352 more words

Political Discontent


Lay down on the lap of the mother,
the dead son,
Peace’s coffin being prepared,
along with the son
and the mother
wrecking, lamenting in pain, 179 more words


Humans? What is that exactly?

I am glad you asked!

Hello! Salut! Assalamualikum! Ciao! Pozdrav! Shalom! Szia! Salam!
We need to be living according to our actual human design, and this includes relearning/remembering or finally realizing, why we have language ability. 286 more words


The Happiest, healthiest or wealthiest? Who should be our guide?

The healthiest, happiest or the wealthiest people?

Which of these should be guiding other humans, influencing how they lead our lives?

Certainly not the most unhappy and most unhealthy ones of us, yet this is precisely what occurred historically, and why we have the problems we do the world over. 325 more words


Decision Time in Syria

Can we learn something from ISIS?  Columnist Nicholas Kristof provocatively suggests that they get it.  ISIS has a strategy that is working to some extent because they recognize the power of a “girls with a book” rather than a drone in the sky. 177 more words

War & Peace

Can we live our design PLEASE!!!!!

We are designed to be creatively evolving, learning from what we do, always growing and changing. :-)
Our design is that we have memory, we have associative triggers, and we ALWAYS are naturally – subconsciously, so even without any effort – offered data from past experiences, so that we are guaranteed to make a better wiser decision than before. 273 more words