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Spooks season 7

(gifset of Lucas North) last scene in Chapter 8 – Season 7

My dear father always told me, when I was a teenager, that if I learned my lessons as I learned songs I would be the number one in school. 464 more words

Richard Armitage

Excerpt from War & Peace

Excerpt from War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy (1869), 145 years ago


Meanwhile Moscow was empty. There were still people in it, perhaps a… 1,005 more words


From Gower To Gaza

The beach is a wonderful natural location to enjoy all manner of activities. There are those of us that surf, those of us who sunbathe, and those of us who play football. 972 more words

Paddy Vipond

Be Grateful for Small Wars

“The parishes of Fermanagh and Tyrone faded back into the mists and squalls of Ireland, and a strange light, by a series of perceptible gradations, began to fall upon the map of Europe.” 859 more words

Greetings To Everyone Where Ever We Are!

We are united in our humanity and our spirituality, and divided by our religions and all other indoctrinated beliefs only.  Indoctrinated beliefs created centuries ago, ill-advised and inadequate, and without the ability to determine long-term consequence. 181 more words


What Shape Is Your Energy?

Each of us is like one of these grains of sand. :-)

What form do we want the shape of the energy of our family/community/society /country /planet to be, as we create our way into the future? 276 more words


An essay on nonviolence and violence in resisting ruthless opponents, April 2013

This is a paper I wrote in April 2013 while studying Peace Studies at the brilliant University of New England, NSW, Australia.

The topic: Can nonviolence be effective in cases where you face an extremely ruthless opponent? 4,468 more words