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The IRC, Miliband and a Crisis In Afghanistan

With the Afghanistan elections only a few days away, the media were in overdrive reporting on what a historic occasion it was set to be. A press release landed in my inbox from the International Rescue Committee (IRC) which stated the findings of a new report and offered the chance to ask questions and schedule interviews regarding the reports findings. 1,279 more words

Paddy Vipond

The Evil That Men Do

So I sat. And I waited. And I thought. The NewStatesman article staring up at me blankly. The words of Sophie McBain were being churned over in my head as something I had known for years began to creep to the front of my brain. 1,131 more words

Paddy Vipond

International "anarchy"

In academic discussions about anarchy, the condition of having no government, one often hears comparisons drawn to the international situation that currently obtains in the world. 294 more words


Peace and Conflict Lecture #3

The Art of Mediation: Avoiding Conflict
By: Shanelle Keller

The subject of war and peace is a sensitive one. Much of society – especially professors, philosophers, protesters and government officials alike – have debated and formed theories about how to handle conflict when it arises. 328 more words

Griffon Yearbook 2014

Give peace a chance





If human beings really want to stop it,

it can be stopped.

It is just as easy as S-T-O-P, right now, right here.

Hatton Challenged By Redknapp & Ferguson

Ricky Hatton’s autobiography War and Peace has been included on the longlist for the 12th annual British Sports Book Awards.