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Is Obama doing enough to stop ISIS?

Obama vows that he will continue to hunt down terrorists and dismantle their networks, but ISIS continues to grow stronger and their influence continues to spread. 143 more words

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CIA Torture Whistleblower Wants to Know: 'Where's the Prosecution?'

In interview given from Loretto Prison, John Kiriakou says authorization of CIA torture came from the top

By Lauren McCauley
January 21, 2015
Common Dreams… 491 more words


ISIS Has Executed Scores in Iraq This Month, U.N. Says

The United Nations was reported in the January 20, 2015 issue of the New York Times, “ISIS has executed scores in Iraq this Month.” The article goes into gruesome detail of execution-style killings and “cruel and inhuman punishment of men, women and children in areas under their control.” According to the U.N. 304 more words

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Surveillance Is Just First Phase as NSA Plans 'Guerilla' Tactics for Global Cyberwar

Surveillance Is Just First Phase as NSA Plans ‘Guerilla’ Tactics for Global Cyberwar

By Jon Queally
January 20, 2015
Common Dreams

New revelations eminating from the documents leaked to journalists by Edward Snowden reveal that the NSA has a far more developed and sinister approach to cyberwarfare than previously known. 999 more words


Al Qaeda Behind Paris Attack

Al Qaeda’s Branch in Yemen just recently claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack on the newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris that occurred about a week ago.   163 more words

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Eyecatchers: Little Plastic Army Men, Revisited

A week ago, I wrote about Yoga Joes, the brainchild of designer, entrepreneur, and Yoga enthusiast, Dan Abramson, who put his own spin on the classic… 282 more words

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Freedom of Expression? Yes!

The Bill of Rights sets the example for all democracies and wannabes around the world.  It was a revolution in personal freedoms and restrictions on government theretofore, and since that time it has enabled many individuals and groups to promote the good and dissent against injustice throughout the country. 670 more words

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