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it's your first last moment ... or your last first moment... live it!

This evening I wanted to write

I typed and typed

Nothing sounds as painful as the truth

I delete and delete

My friend who lost a beloved friend of her last week came to visit me today… 397 more words

The Roman's Strength (A short story) by Hymar David


They stood outside the tomb, hugging themselves tightly against the biting cold. Their weapons hanging idly by their sides, their backs against the tomb’s wall. 1,356 more words



For me, Jormungand was one of those rare finds. One of those anime that no one is really talking about, yet is sooo good.

An Anime about arms dealing from the perspective of a war monger, the series may seem mundane by plot description alone. 113 more words


Revue de presse 20140420 Algérie, Jaurès, Secret, Whisper, Césaire, xkcd, graphisme, Ukraine, Taz, drones


Liste de comptes twitter
Via http://bigbrowser.blog.lemonde.fr/2014/04/14/ukraine-une-liste-twitter-pour-suivre-la-situation-en-direct/


La guerre des drones
La mort à distance : depuis 2004, ce sont des milliers de personnes, surtout des civils innocents, qui ont été tuées par des frappes de drones américains au Yemen et dans le nord-ouest du Pakistan. 480 more words

Revue De Presse

UK government tries to stop soldier revealing the jaw-dropping truth of the Afghanistan war

Former UK army captain Mike Martin, shows the Afghan war as it is, rather than how our political and military leaders would like us to see it, and the picture that he paints is often jaw-dropping. 143 more words


15 more people killed in Iraq terrorist attacks

Terrorist attacks across Iraq have left at least 15 people dead, as the Arab country continues to grapple with violence.Sunday’s deadliest attack was carried out outside the southern city of Samawah where two car bombs blasted concurrently in a commercial area. 69 more words


To all the Troops all over the World at Easter

To all troops all over the World on this Easter Sunday we have you in our thoughts. My friend Doc @ http://hrexach.wordpress.com/ mentioned it on the Facebook WordPress sharing group. 52 more words

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