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War Is Hell

Israel should continue to fight and defeat Hamas. And not be concerned about welfare of innocent Palestinian women and children. They are also the enemy because of where they live and war is hell and cannot be won by being concerned about collateral damage. 131 more words


In regards to Israel rejecting cease-fire earlier

According to John Kerry, the earlier statement of Israel rejecting a cease-fire was untrue because they “hadn’t actually proposed it yet.” Anyone with sense will know that is just Kerry making excuses for Israel because Yaalon came out and told the IDF to prepare for ground operation expansion in Gaza “very soon” at the exact same time. 17 more words


Stop the Israeli invasion of Gaza!


Originally posted at www.socialistaction.org 

 End U.S. aid to apartheid Israel! Stop the Zionist bombing of Gaza!

The U.S.-backed racist, colonialist, apartheid Zionist entity known as Israel is once again saturation bombing the Palestinian people and destroying the infrastructure of the world’s largest open air prison—the Gaza Strip—a slip of land roughly 26 miles long by 5.5 miles wide. 4,047 more words

News That Matters

Hush little baby

Hush little baby don’t you cry,

Just close your eyes and sleep tonight.

I know mummy’s not there right now,

but in your dreams i’ll hold you tight.

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Gaza Is Under Attack

Will Some Please Tell Micheal Bloomberg Visiting Israel Is No Longer On My Bucket List

And you can also tell Micheal Bloomberg…”I don’t care if you fly from Jerusalem To New York City and back 20 million, 40 million, or 2 billion times to prove to the ENTIRE world that flying to Israel is SAFE!” Now look!  608 more words

Names and photographs of Palestinians killed by Israeli attacks

The Palestinians killed by Israeli attacks on Gaza are more than just numbers in an afterthought news report. They are real people, babies, young boys and girls, men and women, grannies and grampies, people with hopes and dreams and loved ones. 83 more words