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Pakistan fighter jets target militant hideouts near Afghan border

Pakistani fighter jets pounded suspected militant hideouts near the Afghan border on Thursday in response to a spate of attacks around the country, the army said, in the first aerial operation against Taliban insurgents in two months.The operation came despite efforts by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government to engage the Taliban in talks to end years of fighting with an insurgency seeking to topple the democratically elected government in the capital Islamabad.”Terrorist hideouts were engaged by fighter jets in Khyber agency early (in the) morning today,” the army’s press wing said in a text message sent to media.It said it was a response to a number of recent attacks against police and civilians in Islamabad and Peshawar, a volatile Pakistani city near the Khyber tribal agency. 12 more words


Month of Blood: The Ethics Of… ANZAC Day

Every year on the 25th of April, Australians and New Zealanders gather to remember those who have paid the ultimate price in the defence of our countries and other countries across the world. 1,421 more words


Ultimate Civil War Series - 150th Anniversary Edition

This soon-to-be classic documentary mini-series traces the causes, courses as well as the major events and personalities of the American Civil War. Between 1861 and 1865, this epic American story of struggle and survival was written in blood, and in this series is told mostly from first-hand accounts and in the spoken words of the participants themselves, through their diaries, letters, and memoirs. 48 more words

Rodan / War of the Gargantuas

RODAN: Rodan, originally released in Japan in 1956 involves a giant monster being awoken from an ancient hibernation by human beings. In Rodan, miners digging far into the earth stumble across a clutch of giant, prehistoric insects which viciously attack several of the miners and prompt a…

The Hell Where Youth and Laughter Go

On this ANZAC Day it behoves us to consider again the memories that those thousands of returned servicemen and women are unable to share with those of us who’ve never been where they went. 117 more words


Anzac Day Memories

My Uncle Sam Boyle was a sprightly senior when I was a teenager.

He followed the horses and often won.  He was a widower in later life. 651 more words


Bankers Love War Because It Creates Massive Profits

Saboteurs, sabotage the bankers’ evil plans to enrich themselves through fomenting wars around the world. Deny them the support for their “patriotic” wars that kill and maim good American men and women. 422 more words