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Israel and Palestine: There Will Never Be Peace

In response to a lot of posts and messages around the internet of Arab or Israeli solidarity I can’t help but to say something. There will never be peace between Israel and Palestine. 482 more words


Pick a country, and imagine we've been at war with it for fourteen years. Write a love story in that world.

Bring our troops home

Is a type of joke all it’s own

Because all we’ve ever known is war.

Developments are two steps back

And casualties are currency… 361 more words

Quick Writes

Well Not According to the Mass Media Machine . . .

The violence didn’t begin with the three abducted Israeli settlers


I suspect the vast majority of Average Joes and Janes get home from work, eat supper and just plop down and watch the local news channels – the same channels that are fatted and fed by whatever message they are told to put out there. 63 more words

Government Fury


If you lost beloved friends and family to war and conflict, choked on the bitter pain, blind hatred, yet purged it from your heart–seen the great atrocities and infinite kindness of potential in every human being–the strength to be part of the solution calls with the beat of every breath shared with nature.

-VR Bacot-Davis

We're bullets, son.

Kids ask the most difficult questions, they’re the simplest and that’s why they’re so difficult. It’s because life is anything but simple, so the questions don’t get along with how life works. 400 more words


Palestinian killed by Israeli sniper

Palestinian killed by Israeli sniper

published in 07/21/2014

Palestinian man repeatedly shot and ultimately killed by a sniper while he searched for his family in the devastated neighborhood of Shujaiyeh.

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I don't care who or what you worship.

This insanity must stop NOW!

WARNING:  You will see a man die.

Yawning is Catching

Yawning is catching

Dominoes of stretch

Faces and darkness

and things buried deep.


I once learned yawning is the body’s quiet battle for more oxygen. 88 more words