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Satellite Photo: China Preparing To Attack Japan: This “Arrangement Is Done Only If You are Going To War”

Is China preparing military assets to attack Japan?

According to David Archibald at the American Thinker, satellite images taken of the Nanjia Islands located between China and Russia suggest that the Peoples’ Republic is building a new refueling complex. 175 more words


Understanding World War II and Anne Frank

As a class we have only read up to page 81 and for those of you that are unfamiliar with the story, Anne and her family have moved to the Annex and have been joined by some other individuals. 308 more words

Understanding And Responding To The Larger Social Context.

Low-life Scum' vs. 'Great American Villain' as Citizens Arrest Targets Kissinger

Henry Kissinger is responsible for the deaths of millions. He’s a murderer, a liar, a crook, and a thug, and should be tried at the Hague… 988 more words


A reason why German ladies are not so beautiful

Once a young lady who had lived for eight years in Germany and was working in a typical German environment, told me, that German ladies revealed her that they hate Eastern European girls because they are too beautiful and steal their German guys. 433 more words


Now briefly about the importance.

Junta Leaders acknowledged the loss of the city Uglegorsk – http://korrespondent.net/ukraine/3473401-uhlehorsk-pod-kontrolem-separatystov-ydut-boy-azov. Plus, the “civilized community” suddenly remembered the “truce” modestly silent about the massacre in Donetsk and Gorlovka. 308 more words

Civil War In Ukraine

Kobane Apocalypse: Dead Jihadist lined up in town's ruins as pictures reveal scale of destruction after Islamic State's defeat in epic battle

Daily Mail: ISIS militants killed as battles continue to rage invillages around Kobane Comes days after Kurdish forces liberated strategic Syrian border town

Kurdish fighters have killed dozens of Islamic State militants in recent days as battles continue to rage around the strategic Syrian border town of Kobane. 60 more words


300: Rise of an Empire

“We can only judge our future from what we have suffered in the past.” Themistokles

When 300: Rise of an empire was first released I was wondering who could surpass Leonidas and his 300. 221 more words