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Stitching, Stretching The Emptiness

‎Saturday, ‎October ‎11, ‎2014

Take my body, take it and sold it to the dead for category
This soul has gone in search for somebody, isn’t returning soon… 54 more words

Happy Halloween but Don't be a Racist Asshole

I’ll admit it. I have been invited to “Too Soon” parties in my day. I have even contemplated going. But I never did. Because it actually is “too soon” for some things. 691 more words



they grow up knowing nothing but hate

almost as if it was their fate

that it was concrete and written in the stars

for them to want nothing but to tear each other apart… 73 more words

Piątek, 31 października 2014


Każde święta to milion nieszczęśc, nawet te pogańskie. Tak jak z choinką, dzieciory chciały zrobic wszystko dzień wcześniej. To siedzieliśmy od samego rana w czwartek i babraliśmy się w pestkach i i innych dyniowych wnętrznościach. 197 more words

Au Pair

Talking wars with elementary school kids

On Sept 21st, 2014 I traveled to the Veglie Elementary School in Veglie (LE), a small village in the South-East of Italy, where I was invited to talk comtemporary wars with 5th graders. 160 more words


ISIS Coalition Situation Report (SITREP) #29

Good day….This will be the last briefing for the week unless a situation requires immediate update.

The Kurds have entered Kobane from Turkey to help defend the town from the extremists……no reports on action yet….. 752 more words

International Situations