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Biological Warfare

 (Survival Manual/1. Disaster/Biological Warfare)

 When an ill wind blow from afar
Chemical and biological weapons are some of the most dangerous chemicals and diseases known to man. 5,555 more words

Survival Manual

Walls block our horizons

Yesterday I watched this great documentary called Make Hummus Not War by Trevor Graham. This short documentary uses hummus to discuss the history and politics around the conflict between the Israelis, Palestinians and Lebanese. 184 more words



I’ve worked so hard to create my ideal, yet failed so many times because of hubris.

I’ve taken so many risks to achieve greatness, yet have done so at the expense of other opportunities. 52 more words


Massive attack in Al Yemen


A massive attack in Yemen and sources say the attack is still going on in Ymen.
At least 30 militants were killed and yesterday there were at least 10 killed. 29 more words


Film review: Lone Survivor

Some might approach Lone Survivor with a weary cynicism – yet another testosterone-packed, pro-war epic, brimming with chiselled heroes and tactless American patriotism. And despite being all of these things, director Peter Burg’s gritty, fact-based war saga is also pretty compelling. 271 more words


UN: South Sudan has one month left before worst starvation in recent African history

South Sudan – the world’s youngest country, will face one of the most devastating famines to date in a matter of weeks, if radical action to alleviate widespread hunger isn’t taken before the planting season, UN agencies have been saying in April reports.The Deputy Special Representative to the Secretary-General for the UN Mission in South Sudan, Toby Lanzer, said in April that the next two months are crucial and would require an injection of an estimated $230 million in international aid. 129 more words


How far can Putin go?

Ok, this is another Ukraine post, less about specifics, more theorizing. 

I was talking with a Swedish friend today, and his opinion was basically that even if Russia invaded a NATO-aligned country, NATO would not go to war over it. 959 more words