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Fond memories

As a couple, we suffered a complete wardrobe malfunction at Springsteen’ shows.

Him: I went to a summer show in 1993 in my briefs. Well, actually I had my briefs under a pair of silk boxers. 223 more words

Bruce Springsteen Shows

Olivia Munn's Wardrobe Malfunction

Did she forget that, on talk shows, you usually sit down? Maybe she should have practiced in the green room prior to being on national tv. Oh well! Enjoy!



A ginormous-bromance-hug to my lifting partner, Arnold (for the sake of anonymity).  I have known him for paltry 1.5 years, however the moment we whispered to each others’ ears “you got this bro” we understood that we were meant to be. 220 more words

Training Day

Did Olivia Munn flash David Letterman?

Olivia Munn sported a sexy outfit for her visit to David Letterman’s Late Show on Tuesday night.

Her top was slit down low on the sides. 116 more words


The Wardrobe Malfunction

Dear Craigie leisure centre,

You may remember me from that time when my bump made my swimsuit a little taught and, in turn, an over enthusiastic push-off from the side caused me to pull what can only be described as a double Janet Jackson in the slow lane. 446 more words

A glimpse into the abyss

The young sultry-looking shop assistant was wearing a very loose singlet, revealing a faint cleavage; and a pair of ultra-short denim shorts.

The denim was so short her butt cheeks were showing. 123 more words

Personal Experience

I spy with my little eye

I just spent seven relaxing days in the warm Hawaiian sunshine with three girlfriends. My week was full of book reading, sunbathing, ocean floating, island exploring and cocktail drinking. 527 more words