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Wits + Beaux is a new upstart socks brand and is based in New York. They also make bow-ties and pocket squares too. The socks costs about $20 and are a blend of cotton and polyester — not my thing — but most folks like that mix as socks shape lasts longer. 37 more words

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XOAB Socks

A few months ago Nick Wilder, a friend of mine connected me to Rich Levine, a former Sun Microsystems engineer who had decided to try his hand at new things after spending a lot of time on the internet. 462 more words

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What's wrong with fashion blogging

Putthison’s Derek Guy:

So much of what passes for fashion media these days is little more than a thinly masked advertorials. That includes many blogs, where affiliate links, referral links, free products, and cozy relationships between bloggers and brands have ruined the ability to produce independent, honest critiques.

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