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Some Good Sunday Night Viewing

Another interesting Sunday night with myself and the mates here at Chez Phil, and we’re all sitting here right now, watching some good sci-fi stuff on DVD. 441 more words

Captain Scarlet

On Warehouse 13 & Promising Premises

Spoiler warning: Spoilerish references to certain characters/concepts, and a fairly meaty spoiler regarding the season 2 finale.

So, Warehouse 13 is better than I expected. 1,157 more words


8 Binge-Worthy Shows...

A friend asked me to recommend some shows that she could stream either on Netflix or Amazon Prime. She requested that the series already be over so that she could just binge the whole thing. 663 more words

8 Things

Gifted in Reel Life: The Change and Growth of Claudia Donovan

Today, we have a special feature article for our readers.  This week, Laney and I were graciously asked to participate in a blog hop titled “Gifted in Reel Life” as a part of the… 877 more words

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Warehouse 13

There’s a cinematic void when one finishes “LOST” – a dark interim in which you think that if you just wish hard enough, a miniseries detailing the Island lives of Ben and Hurley as the new men in charge will appear – completely available on Instant Netflix. 313 more words

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My Favorite Badass Women in Fiction

Do you remember when women weren’t portrayed as nagging sidepieces (Breaking Bad) or meaningless eye candy (every sci-fi and horror movie ever)?  Okay, so women have never really gotten a fair shake in fiction, at least not to the degree and nuance of their male counterparts.   2,268 more words

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Viewer's Cut: Warehouse 13

SyFy’s Warehouse 13 has been my guilty pleasure during this holiday break, filling up the long hours of airport layovers as well of those vacuums between family reunions. 591 more words

Viewer's Cut