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Completion List: Warehouse 13

Recently I’ve added at least one new show to my completion list. I’m sure about.Warehouse 13, but I can’t tell you for sure about Psych. I’ve looked at episode guides of Psych but they all run together. 148 more words

Star Trek

"You take people, you put them on a journey, you give them peril, you find out who they really are"-A list of my (current) top ten favourite fictional characters

Wow that title is a mouthful. And yes, that quote was shamelessly ripped off from Joss Whedon.

This post was born quite randomly. I had just finished the mid-season finale of Supernatural, which I was hugely disappointed with, and was writing my recap. 2,976 more words


Brave Fish TV Review: The Librarians Pilot

Admittedly, I have not seen the past TV films or have any past knowledge of The Librarian and the mythos behind it, but I thoroughly enjoyed this pilot. 611 more words


The Librarians, My Newest Favorite TV Show (about artifact hunters)

There is a reason to stay in school and become really smart.  You could one day become The Librarian.  And, you might even get the chance to save the world (who wants that? 158 more words


TNT has two new treats to get us through December

I’m not the expert on this type of article but I thought ‘hey I will give this a shot.’ With a lot of other shows going on hiatus,  360 more words


TV Talk: Warehouse 13

Lately I’ve been in a steampunk rut.  It might have something to do with being in close contact with a publisher that specializes in steampunk novels and short stories. 346 more words

TV Talk

'Orphan Black' adds Justin Chatwin, James Frain, and more

Shameless star Justin Chatwin and True Blood alum James Frain have joined the cast of Orphan Black. 149 more words