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War Prayer

The War Prayer takes place in present day, during Sunday services at a church in Any Town, USA. On the eve of war, our Reverend leads the congregation in a prayer for the protection of our soldiers. 144 more words


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I believe that this is worthy of reposting. The very core of making war is the military being active in destroying someone else and their property. The motivation does not start at the grass roots level, it comes from the leadership. The order to "Fire"or "Kill the motherfuckers" or whatever the language, it all means somebody dies or is maimed. Others mourn and wonder why is it so? This works both ways, for the attackers and the defenders. Easier to fight in defence of your country and freedoms if you are on your own land. Easy to justify your actions, for the leaders and the killers. Not so easy, surely for the marauders in someone-else's country. But made easier if you believe the lies that motivate your participation. Made easier if your religious leaders pray for you and for victory, that makes it alright for some. Others come home, dead, alive but crippled either physically or mentally, or both, and many seem to at last come to realize the enormity of their actions. Permanently scarred and often resorting to suicide to achieve their own peace. This church's prayer is hard to reconcile with a belief system based on a Christian God, or any God other than a God of War. I am not aware of any of the latter in our modern civilization. So we come to Mark Twain's prayer where reality hits home. The reality of praying for victory really equating to praying for successful destruction of lives and property, for the screams and the pain, just like your own lives and property and feelings but not really your own, therefore somehow different and that difference makes the destruction acceptable to God, therefore to you. But 'reality' swiftly got escorted out of the Church, no reality welcome there! Mark Twain was no fool. His thinking and understanding and morals are far above the normal. I am with him in spirit and intent, even if not in intellect.

Ukraine and Gardening - Yet Again

April 19, 2014

Well, those bad little boys, Obama and Putin, are at it again – despite telling Mom they’d behave themselves and “de-escalate tensions” just last Thursday at the meeting in Geneva between the US, Russia, the EU and Ukraine. 885 more words

Putin Threatens Military Intervention in Ukraine; Obama's Hypocritical Response

In his strongest message yet to Ukraine, the EU, and US, Putin says Russia ready to act in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned of his readiness to deploy troops in eastern Ukraine if diplomatic efforts fail to resolve the escalating crisis there. 375 more words


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"Obama’s Hypocrisy: Two wrongs don’t make a right but it’s certainly fair to point out the “US is supporting, at minimum, non-state militias in Syria”. How many other places? We only like intervention when we do it. Assuming one believes that Russia is indeed directly supporting militias in Ukraine (something that is arguably debatable), at least Russia has a vested interest given that it borders Ukraine. Russia fears US missiles and military buildups in Eastern Europe, as well it should. After all, the US did renege on promises not to expand NATO into Eastern Europe."

Dollar dying; multi-polar world in offing

From ‘PressTV‘ By F. William Engdahl.

An excellent coverage of the real world and the current unrest in Ukraine. The enormous repercussions of the Western world, per the US hegemony and out-of-control leaders, on the already disastrous global financial state. 1,095 more words

United States

War Comes Home

After an argument about a leave denied, Specialist Ivan Lopez pulled out a .45-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun and began a shooting spree at Fort Hood, America’s biggest stateside base, that left three soldiers dead and 16 wounded.  2,794 more words


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Have to agree with this. War breeds a psychotic absence of apathy and respect for human life. Even without psychological damage to combat soldiers, they have been brainwashed to treat others without value. It appears to be the same thing with the US police and militia forces - they treat ordinary people with complete disregard for human values and dignity. They seem to have no concept of responsibility to others. This is frightening stuff! The fact that returned soldiers are treated by the authorities as of no value unless they are out killing and maiming in the name of "democracy" and "defence of country" does nothing to help. They are treated like second-rate citizens when home and, if not already damaged, soon become so.

The Nukes of Hazard on Able TV

We all know the story about how the United States and the Soviet Union almost began lobbing nuclear weapons at each other over a dispute in Cuba and how a politician with nerves of steel stood up to the Kremlin and saved us all from death, destruction, and miserable short lives for anyone who survived such a war. 1,810 more words

It's not Russia that is destabilising Ukraine

A rally for a secession referendum in Lenin Square, Donetsk, Ukraine. Photograph: ITAR-TASS/Barcroft Media

The profound and pervasive crisis in Ukraine is a matter of grave concern for Russia. 752 more words


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Please do not be brainwashed by the media and the NATO leaders.