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40k Tuesday: Battle Company Army Overview

So, I really wasn’t feeling my fantasy piece. It was not enjoyable for me and that would probably have come through in my writing either now or eventually. 109 more words


It's been a long time...

Well, it’s been a few weeks since my last post and since then my life has had its ups and downs. Since then I’ve had an interview (yay!) gotten the job (YAYY!!) and then just as quickly I quit ( boooo!)…. 1,160 more words

40k Sunday: Space Marines Mechanised Fire Power Army List

It’s time. This article will be about my personal Space Marine army list that I use, have used through the years and will use in the future. 99 more words

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40k Thursday: Army Overview - Space Marine 10th Company

It’s Thursday and that means more 40k. Today, since I am still on the topic of Space Marines, I thought that I would go through a mechanised Scout Company list. 65 more words


RPG a Day – Day 10: Favourite Tie In Novel/Game Fiction

Rather belatedly, Day 10 of #RPGaDAY.

10. Favourite Tie In Novel/Game Fiction

The first series of books I’m going to talk about strangely didn’t really cross my mind until… 603 more words

Episode 21 - Farsight Enclaves and Black Legion Supplement Reviews

G’Day Listeners,

This episode we change things up a bit by not just doing 1 Supplement review, but 2 Supplement reviews in the one episode. So we are reviewing the Farsight Enclaves Supplement for Tau Empire as well as Black Legion Supplement for Chaos Space Marines. 344 more words

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Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion

Despite my temporary exile to the kitchen I’ve still been able to slowly progress a few projects.

Last night I finished this chap.

The building behind is my next main project, but I’d like to squeeze in a few more small things as I go along.

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