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A Hearty Hello.

Hi guys,

Ralph here, things are a little quiet here at Small Mans HQ so I thought I’d take a little time to say Hi and to upload some photos of the armies/ teams I play in various games.   711 more words


Steampunk Space Wolves Cyberwolves

In my quest for cheaper better cyberwolves for my Space Wolves I’ve found these. Tiny watch cogs, springs and all sorts! Watch this space for my upcoming conversion I can’t wait! 8 more words

Take These Broken Wings...

More New Dark Eldar models incoming next week from GW.

See above leaked images of the front covers of next week’s White Dwarf and Warhammer visions bearing shiny pictures of the DE’s new, flying, hotness the… 61 more words


Thunderwolves Endure

Simple concept.

Thunderwolves with storm shields, Thunderlord with runic armour and storm shield, Rune Priest + Biomancy Endurance =

Rock hard unit crackling with Fenrisian killing power! 190 more words


Realm of Battle Sector Imperialis Work In Progress

Realm of Battle Sector Imperialis Work In Progress

This year I got myself the coolest birthday present I’ve ever gotten myself.

The day I moved in to my new place I decided to spring for the new… 517 more words


Games Workshop Video Games

I have loved Games Workshop (GW) Warhammer 40,000 since the age of about 13 (so, twenty years now), and Warhammer Fantasy Battles since I was about 20. 904 more words


One man charts sizes of all sci-fi starships

DeviantArt user DirkLoechel has undertaken the unenviable task of putting together the complete size comparison chart of starships from the many, many sci-fi universes that we know and love: from Star Wars to Mass Effect to Warhammer 40,000. 23 more words

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