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Warmer, mostly drier future predicted with climate change

Sydney’s climate can be expected to warm across all seasons, with less rainfall in winter but more intense rain events, according to the latest projections by the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology. 8 more words

Spiced shepherd's pie topped with Bombay mash

I’m a huge fan of comfort food, especially when the weather has been as cold and icy as it has over the last few weeks. So when planning my weekly meals this week I just had to make the ultimate winter warmer – shepherd’s pie. 357 more words


Cooking in a clay pot! Get warm for winter!

This chicken and oyster mushroom dish is an extremely satisfying filling dish perfect for a cold winter day and with the snowy weather back at home I suggest you try it now! 167 more words


It's just the end of the world: An interview with Warmer


One of the reasons video games have become the huge industry that they are is because they provide people with a diverse mix of quality work in different mediums, be it visual arts, programming or storytelling. 5,713 more words


Sunday's workshop

Last Sunday’s workshop was great fun! Kirsty asked me to lead a group warm up, and I choose quite a lively one. It was a warmer I learnt while a… 323 more words

Fussy Darling

She doesn’t like cake

She doesn’t  like food

All she likes is ice creams

Her teeth shivers in cold

She doesn’t like warmer

She loves full AC… 74 more words

Slow Cooked Pigs Cheeks in Red Wine- A Proper Winter Warmer

Despite having an incredibly full freezer, my eyes fell on some Pigs Cheeks when I went out for groceries. With a rough weather forecast predicting ice and snow for the foreseeable future, a meltingly tender, gently braised meat dish seemed just the ticket. 298 more words