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BUNN 332000015 VPR2GD 12Cup Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer with

K coffee cups are available online, and you can check them out at The web site provides you with information on the K coffee cup, how to order it, instructions for using it, and the products that you need to go with it. 351 more words

Direct Sales

I am wanting to build my team but more importantly build it up with people who are motivated and want to make a change in their lives! 84 more words

I STILL Need A Dollar. . .

I know what you’re thinking: “Nathalie, you already shared this with us? Remember? In the last post? Have you forgotten how to scroll back?”

But I want you to take a look at this opportunity again because there is something we’ve changed! 415 more words

Pink Zebra

Find Someone Who...

A classic EFL activity and not for nothing. Can be used as a warmer/lead-in/ice-breaker, a “getting to know you” activity for new classes or even to demonstrate the use of has/have or present simple. 8 more words

Lesson Ideas

Keyword Hangman

I’d like to share with you a quick starter or plenary activity that can be used to revise vocabulary.

Being very busy, I love activities that can be adapted and used with most of my groups. 560 more words

Warmers And Plenaries

A Different Climate Proposal

One of the problems of instituting some kind of global carbon tax is there are too many people who are just not ready to pay the kind of money that is suggested as necessary to address this situation adequately. 1,040 more words


Have you ever felt like opportunity knocked on your door and later on down the road you regretted letting it slip by? I used to feel that way! 58 more words