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Ruffles and Flourishes...Hail to the Hawk!

Putin, “warmonger”,
just made peace while Obama,
the “Peace Laureate”,
resorts first to threats of force
or force itself. What a fraud!

*    *   *

~ Gregory V Driscoll  2014


It's Official...

ISIS/ISIL has become the next boogeyman in the war on democracy terror.

Isn’t it interesting how good the production values on that beheading video were, and how they used titles similar to the ones used in official White House videos? 154 more words

Israel Unleashes Death Ray on Gaza


Defunct Boeing Laser Project “Mysteriously Reappears”

By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


(Editor’s note:  Press TV censors blocked this report from Iran’s media, another “Banned by Press TV”) 2,228 more words

Palestinian Holocaust

The Times manipulates public opinion against Russia

The Times has published an image of a U.S. citizen Lubomir Guzar, Bishop of Ukrainian Catholic Church and war advocate, lighting a Molotov cocktail at Maidan in Kiev with a caption that reads: “Nato accused Russia of destabilising Ukraine to justify military intervention.” 53 more words


Ann Coulter really is an idiot - further proof

Back in my “Blue Dog Radio” days, I did a piece exposing Ann Coulter’s partisan hypocrisy (Listen to it here if you like).   I have new evidence further proving her idiocy.  229 more words

Foreign Policy

Fortified For Success

During biblical times cities used to be fortified by high walls and strong gates.  This acted as a defensive mechanism against intruders.  The gates would open and close at certain times to control movement enemies.   427 more words