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The Zionists' Stooge, Obama, Plays Russian-Roulette With Humanity at Stake!

{Note: I believe this government has always been OF the power-elite, BY the power-elite and FOR the power-elite. So the following is not, in any way, a call for political activism. 1,109 more words


Jesus Christ The God of War?

The American Christian church has a war fever. It is a cheerleader for every undeclared, illegal, immoral, preemptive, and unjust war the US government or its allies involves itself in. 638 more words

American Christian Church

After 13 years of failed wars, do we know our warmongers?

Summary:  After 13 years of wars that failed at great cost in money and blood, our hawks urge that we start yet another war — in Syria. 891 more words

Iraq & Afghanistan