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UK Column news 29th August 2014

The latest from the UK Column team including news from Ukraine and the west’s continued warmongering against Russia along with the child abuse cover-up scandal that has rocked the corrupt British establishment to its core. 24 more words

UK Column

New Direction

I will no doubt be quickly labeled by brainwashed, hypersensitive PC fascists as a misogynist, sexist, racist and homophobic cultural Marxist. The truth is I am promoting the use of higher frequency knowledge and understand of consciousness for the unifying of our species, under one banner and ridding this existence of corporate agenda fueled warmongering and poverty. 35 more words

World War 3 Inevitable due to economic crisis says analysts - Russian MP warns Poland and Baltic States they will be ‘smashed’

This entire world is screwed up and most don’t even realize it’s the jews who did it.


World War 3 may be an inevitable result of global economics and financial cycles according to investors and analysts who believe it’s not just the Ukraine crisis that will be the tipping point toward war. 252 more words

Bad Government

Japanese fighter jets invade China’s 2013 self-declared ‘Air Defense Zone’ - China said to have shadowed but did not engage - already fragile tensions mounting between the two powers

Meanwhile Obama kicked back in the oval office playing with Manchelle’s pr*ck. While also trying to figure out how he’s going to relocate millions of Guatemalan, Ecuadorian and Columbian Aztec, Mayan and Inca descendants into Iowa, Nebraska, Idaho etc. 68 more words

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Palestinian revanchism is a recipe for endless wars

Why are borders in 1861, 1919, 1945, 1948, 1956 or 1967 or any other time morally superior?

Palestinian revanchism is a recipe for endless wars. Revanchism is the desire to reverse territorial losses. 236 more words

War And Peace