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“What a sad day it will be for Me when I have to tell My people to depart from Me because they are workers of iniquity.

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Heeding the LORD's warnings

I want to share about a dream I had over a year ago where the LORD was warning me about a place I was going into to volunteer. 732 more words


I was thinking...

Listening to a sermon earlier, the words: “It doesn’t matter how much or how badly you’ve sinned. Christ covers it all.” All right, maybe not those exact words, but the general idea is there. 58 more words

Fear Of The Lord

“My hand is turned against Los Angeles. Her sins have reached the heavens, her cup is full. This city I have longed and desired to fulfill My purposes.

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Here's a shocking thought

How many baptisms have we witnessed?

Ever seen someone baptised, then, later, seeing them back in the world, unregenerate?

Jesus said: “Go then and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them [ 180 more words


Time to keep a promise!

It’s not far away from three in the morning, here in dear old England! I did have thoughts of slithering off to bed, but since I promised, here is the piece I was awaiting permission to publish here. 1,692 more words

Fear Of The Lord

Judgment Seat of Christ: Podcast

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