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please don't bag the baby!

We’re not really sure what sort of people need to see this warning label, but we suspect they are the same people who need to be reminded… 11 more words

I'm wounded, send in Superman...

I’ve indulged in a new candy. And they were delicious. However, I do think they should come with a warning label on the back.

Something along the lines of… 354 more words

The Shankables

California lawmakers reject sugary drink warnings

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A bill that would have made California the first state in the nation to require warning labels on sodas and other sugary drinks was effectively killed Tuesday. 427 more words


Warning labels (Its not my fault)

Have you noticed how many things have warning labels? Nowdays, almost everything comes with one. When you buy a cup of coffee it comes with the warning, “Caution: coffee may be hot.” I would hope it is. 457 more words

Garden Hose Warning

The Ecology Center based in Ann Arbor, Michigan found levels of lead 18 times higher than the federal drinking water standard and BPA levels about 20 times higher than the standard imposed by the National Safety Foundation in water from a garden hose it tested. 83 more words