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Wonkette 'drivelist' triumphantly displays inability to detect sarcasm

Left wing pundits are always prattling on about nuance, which is funny because most of them wouldn’t recognize sarcasm or irony—or funny, to be quite honest— if it hit them in the face with a canoe paddle.  423 more words


Camille Paglia: The Modern Campus Cannot Comprehend Evil

Nice short essay in Time on the campus rape panic, and the promotion of the Victorian “fragile flowers of womanhood” idea under new feminist management. It’s really all about getting 5% more votes from young single women, of course, but it’s dangerous and illiberal. 485 more words


The NFL, Feminism and the War on Women

As the NFL struggles to deal with the Ray Rice domestic violence incident, feminists and liberals have come out in force to decry the violence against women and re-ignite the “War on Women”. 944 more words

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