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50 Shades of the War on Women.

Thinking of watching of the 50 Shades of Grey movie?  Be warned Christian, you are supporting the war on women!



Pervert Mike Dickinson desperate for attention, creeps on Holly Fisher

He’s sort of like Larry Flynt, but without the charm and good looks. A Daily Kos diarist speculated that he might be the next Alan Grayson… 1,096 more words

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WAR ON WOMEN: Female White House Staffers Got Smaller Raises Than Men | The Navigator Online

Let’s see if I have this right. Republicans and conservatives don’t believe taxpayer-funded birth control is a right or a legitimate entitlement. Because of that, Obama, the Demococrats and Feminazi’s all created the narrative of a Republican war on women, the media hack propagandist Democrat lapdogs reenforced that complete and total bullshit propaganda, and the stupid people believe it, and Lord knows, there is no shortage of stupid people in this country. 16 more words