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Double Trouble: Ambulances Transport Two Women in One Day from Haskell’s Dayton Late-term Abortion Clinic

Operation Rescue: Local pro-life activists have informed Operation Rescue that yesterday, December 11, 2014, two ambulances were called to Martin Haskell’s infamous late-term abortion facility… 330 more words

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Arrested for domestic abuse? Don't deny the charge - play the race card!

The Oklahoman: The 20-year-old woman stepped into the emergency room eight-weeks pregnant with bruises and cuts on her face and neck. She winced as she moved and complained of head and stomach pains. 715 more words


Ambulance Rushes Sobbing Abortion Patient from Shoddy Florida Clinic

Update: The video has been removed by the user. Go to the Operation Rescue web site to view it.

Operation Rescue:  Video shot by pro-life activists on the scene at the Florida Women’s Center abortion facility in Jacksonville, … 406 more words

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Higher Education: Women's college viciously attacks freshman girl for conservative reporting

Campus Reform: Nothing says progress quite like a hoard of liberal college students bullying one of their peers because of her conservative values. This morning (Dec. 637 more words


Ambulance Transports 27th Woman from St. Louis Planned Parenthood Abortion Center

Operation Rescue: For the twenty-seventh time in the past five years, an ambulance arrived at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic on Forest Parkway in St. 422 more words

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Epic rant disembowels 'clown show' media and phony #WarOnWomen narrative

While the big networks are digging up whatever they can about Elizabeth Lauten—who committed the unforgivable sin of saying something mildly critical about the Obama children—a former Democrat aide and staff director for a Senate panel pleaded guilty to sexual abuse. 625 more words


#WarOnWomen: Tweeters attack 'Playboy Bunny' Megyn Kelly over her Mike 'F***abee' gaffe [video]

What it’s about is on last night’s “Kelly File,” host Megyn Kelly had a little slip-of-the tongue while introducing former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, calling him the host of the Fox News show, “F***abee.” Video of the funny gaffe here: 464 more words