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New Music: Nozinja - Tsekeleke (Vocal Mix)

You know someone’s really made it when they’ve created their own movement. Johannesburgs Nozinja did just that, fusing together local folk traditions, alongside Tsonga disco, kwaito and South African House music to make something that’s new and fresh and at the cutting edge of African electronic music. 160 more words


Weaving Calculations -- Plain Weave on a Rigid Heddle or Floor Loom

Weaving calculations — a PITA or a necessary evil?  Fear not, my young Padawan, for I will do my best to show you a methodical way of keeping your project & mind (mostly) organized so that you can fly through the calculations quickly & accurately and onto the fun stuff — weaving! 1,371 more words


Company of Liars - Karen Maitland // The Reluctant Assassin/The Hangman's Revolution - Eoin Colfer

I don’t think I’ve ever done a post of THREE books…but one I finished on Sunday, the next on Monday, and the last one on Thursday. 994 more words


ALBUM REVIEW: Rustie- Green Language

Electronic music, specifically Trap flavored music, has changed quite a bit since Rustie dropped the sugary rush of his debut album, Glass Swords, in 2011. That album was a sweet and delectable slice of energetic and bombastic, Trappy and Wonky sound. 660 more words


My Summer Project - a Double Double Weave

This summer was glorious, hot and sunny for the most part.  In between enjoying the sunshine, travel, spending time with family and friends and guild activities, I spent my spare time playing with my summer project.   498 more words