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Ableton 9 - Using The Warp Feature To Time-Stretch Audio

This 11 minute video demonstrates the basic set up for warping your music. This allows you to Beat Match 2 tunes. I still DJ using decks but I will use Ableton if I am compiling a DJ mix for comercial release or  a Mini-Mix.



I mentioned yesterday that I was trying this weaving technique, and I have to admit that it’s caught my interest. It’s a form that’s apparently been found all over the world and goes back thousands of years, which would intrigue me all by itself, and is called sash weaving as well, but it’s challenging to me. 640 more words


Aphex Twin -- 'Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2'

Better at making music than speaking in interviews Richard D James is straight back and atcha! with a quick followup EP (by his own standards anyway) to last year’s slightly overrated ‘Syro’ collection, a record that sounded as much like those he has influenced as he himself. 69 more words


Marking 20 years since the release of... The Black Dog - 'Spanners'

By Philip Neeson

‘Spanners’, released 20 years ago this month, was to be East Anglian electro/IDM crew The Black Dog’s third and final album as a trio (Andy Turner and Ed Handley soon left founding member Ken Downie to concentrate on Plaid). 349 more words


Warp, Arkadia to Crystal Palace

An existing client contacted me requesting transport from Arkadia to Crystal Palace, I was already on Arkadia and just wrapping up a hunt.  It did not take long for me to store the loot and head into the big black, I have been using “The Bad Mood Rising” for this lately, it’s nicer to fly than the quad and the journey up is safe. 105 more words


Stream new Aphex Twin EP 'Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2'

Aphex Twin’s new 13 track EP ‘Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2′  is now available to stream via Spotify. Around two-thirds of the collection can be described as brief (as in anything under two minutes). 28 more words


Data weaving/why weaving can be art

If art school has taught me anything, it’s what I like.

Data, numbers, information
Recording and visualising mundane/useless information
Graph paper
Cats (…nah, I knew that already)

999 more words
Edinburgh College Of Art