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Becoming Buffett-esque

In which types of companies does Warren Buffett seek to invest? Fortunately, you don’t have to wonder much. Over the years Buffett has expounded upon the various qualities he looks for in a prospective holding. 428 more words


Video & Notes: Warren Buffett Speaks with Florida University

“You have to understand the business. You can understand some businesses but not all businesses.” —Warren Buffett

Warren E. Buffett Lecture at the University of Florida School of Business October 15, 1998… 1,183 more words


Home Ownership- The best long term investment you can make. Ask Warren Buffet

Right now is a great time for Arizona home buyers whether they are first time buyers, down-sizers or investors.    Mortgage rates are still historically low and easier to acquire. 122 more words

Home Purchase

Worse before better

Complacency is a state of mind that exists only in retrospective: it has to be shattered before being ascertained.

Vladimir Nabokov

The problem with my high-profile examples of whistleblowing is that most of us face less glamorous dilemmas.

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Buffett & Munger’s Four Investing Filters

A few takeaways:

  1. (Filter #1) The most important thing is to understand the business.
  2. (Filter #2) Look for a business with an enduring competitive advantage.
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“I’m prone to the dramatic as it is, but I didn’t want to grab Howard in a bear hug. So I grabbed his collar, like you would with a child. 338 more words

Primrose Hill

Dealing With Investment Risks In Individual Portfolios

My previous article, Managing Individual Investment Portfolios Better, deliberated on the friction between individual perception of financial markets and investing in general versus, the actual behaviour and nature of markets. 769 more words