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Berkshire Hathaway - (9th of 13)

We feel noble intentions should be checked periodically against results. We test the wisdom of retaining earnings by assessing whether retention, over time, delivers shareholders at least $1 of market value for each $1 retained. 32 more words

Karl A Hoffman

Berkshire Hathaway - (10th of 13)

We will issue common stock only when we receive as much in business value as we give. This rule applies to all forms of issuance – not only mergers or public stock offerings, but stock- for-debt swaps, stock options, and convertible securities as well. 30 more words

Karl A Hoffman

The New Business Mogul

This title given to me by some very powerful people in the Entertainment Industry, but to be honest i’m still learning. To have something of your own is always better, you pretty much call your own shots. 200 more words


Berkshire Hathaway - (11th of 13)

You should be fully aware of one attitude Charlie and I share that hurts our financial performance: Regardless of price, we have no interest at all in selling any good businesses that Berkshire owns. 135 more words

Karl A Hoffman

Berkshire Hathaway - (12th of 13)

We will be candid in our reporting to you, emphasizing the pluses and minuses important in appraising business value. Our guideline is to tell you the business facts that we would want to know if our positions were reversed. 67 more words

Karl A Hoffman

Bismarck Buffalo

What is this?

Team Name: Bismarck Buffalo

Location: Bismarck, North Dakota

Ballpark: Buffalo Wild Wings Stadium

Division: AL Central

Division Rival: Minnesota Twins- The Twins don’t have a real rival, and are near North Dakota.  93 more words


Warren Buffett - Value Investor

Jump to 54:31 for my favorite part, but the entire session is worth a watch.