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Muscle Rejuvenation Vs. Muscle Buildup

You Need to Decide What’s Your Main Goal…
Getting Your Muscle Big or Keeping Your Muscle Young?
Apparently You Can’t Have Both.

If you follow conventional fitness guidelines- train hard and eat many protein meals throughout the day- good chance you’ll gain muscle size and strength. 85 more words

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Pre-Workout Nutrition

How to Maximize (or Jeopardize) Your chance to Burn Fat and Improve
(The truth is the opposite of what you were told)

I’d like to put the record straight regarding pre-workout nutrition. 150 more words

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Can You Stop Physical Aging?

Intermittent fasting (from morning to evening not including post exercise recovery meal) can be done in three ways: fasting, undereating or pulse feeding

  • Fasting – If you choose to fast you can do water fating or vegetable juice fasting (have one up to a few vegetable juices daily).
  • 140 more words
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Issues of Leaning Down Phase of Bodybuilding

Issues of Leaning Down Phase of Bodybuilding.

I would say that the “leaning down” phase of bodybuilding (which is typically limited to several weeks at a time) is actually a healthy regimen involving calorie restriction and energy depletion. 8 more words

How to Get Ripped, Section 2.1: The Zen of Intermittent Fasting

I dropped breakfast and pushed lunch to late in the afternoon.

Before becoming ripped this time around, I used to eat breakfast. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer (I used to train people as a hobby), I told my clients that they should eat breakfast. 929 more words


Träning och vardag

Har kommit in i träningen igen. Älskar det. Upp, i med Ripped Caps och vatten, bil till jobbet. Dricker BCAA i bilen, sen tung styrketräning. Fettkaffe, jobba i galet tempo. 252 more words


How Many Grams of Protein Can Your Body Absorb in One Meal

How Many Grams of Protein Can Your Body Absorb in One Meal.

The smaller the serving is, the higher the protein biological value becomes. Meaning the less protein you consume per meal, the more of it you utilize.