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A Tribe of Warrior Women

Viviana and I have been going through a slew of emotions this past year. Sometimes it’s her more than I and sometimes it’s I more than her. 384 more words

Baby Story

Nujeymah's Archers

Black female archers fighting against El Cid? What sounds like the hare-brained idea of a Hollywood screenwriter actually happened according to chronicles. In 1094, a huge Almoravid army was besieging Valencia, which was held by Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, better known as El Cid. 969 more words

Warrior Queens: The Legends and the Lives of the Women Who Have Led Their Nations in War by Antonia Fraser

The author of the Six Wives of Henry VIII (a special favorite) returns with her next biography of multiple women who held positions of power via force, inheritance, or by election. 252 more words

16th Century

Basic First Steps In Moving Forward

1. DEFINE exactly what you want.

2. ASK the entity greater than yourself “HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS?”

3. SAY to the entity greater than yourself, “SHOW ME!” 17 more words

If You're Still Here...

If you’re still here, YOU ARE STILL POSSIBLE!

Living Different

Here is a little #LivingDifferent #warriorwomen #warriorgirl Sneak Peek 102: Kristi — http://t.co/HVyv0oEw1H

— Kristi Lopez (@KristiLopezMMA) January 8, 2015

So it happened! My episode on Oxygen aired with my beautiful warrior women counterpart Alexis Morin. 

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Wargaming Warrior Women

Women have participated in warfare since prehistoric times. However, their involvement as active combatants has seldom been acknowledged in the same way as men’s. This is even truer for wargamers: How many historical miniature armies field warrior women? 782 more words