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“Kiss me so I’ll be able to feel it when we’re apart.”

The wizard Isaac is leaving on a royal spy mission, leaving behind his warrior captain wife Rivka for a few days. It’s my birthday today, so I’m posting pure self-indulgence. 25 more words


I love women.

I love how women take care of each other.

I love how we care for kids and build community.

I love women who love their families. 130 more words

Dragon protecting the etrog

The very BEST way to keep your etrog safe is to have it guarded by a dragon, of course! Rivka knows best. (Dragon pic by… 44 more words

Feeling loved and grateful :-)

Hello friends

I hope you are all keeping well, happy and enjoying life.

Ever since I got my cancer diagnosis on 17 September my husband, family and close friends have rallied around and given me masses of support and love.   521 more words


The Difference between Gender, Class, and Occupation

As told by corpses! Viking corpses, specifically. Here’s a problem with our new news media: It’s run by click-throughs, not “good journalism” or “telling the truth” or even “not making shit up.” Even formerly trustworthy news sources have run some pretty dubious content in the wild west of the internet. 709 more words

Are we ready for Femenism?

Emma Watson’s recent call to feminism as Goodwill Ambassador for  the United Nations was a well crafted, strong message for women and men everywhere. Emma  spoke purposely with the kind of passion and intent that changes lives. 721 more words


Diversity's for the Next Guy

So there existed female Vikings. I hate to break the news, because you’ve lived your life for however long without knowing that. If you’re reading this site, it’s been at least seven years. 1,235 more words