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The Dragon Breath Extinguisher

When was the last time you lined up in an orderly fashion and politely exited a building that may or may not have been on fire?! 645 more words

Three Historical News Items of Interest – or, In Which I Go Full-On History Nerd

During my Internet reading, I stumbled cross (clicked across?) three interesting items of historical note this week. It’s been a while since I had a history post, and since I can’t choose only one, it’s time for an extravaganza of historical stories. 901 more words


Rivka at eight years old

“When you grow up — not soon enough for me, you funny child,” — Mitzi massaged her own brow — “you’ll be a lady, and you certainly won’t be swordfighting.

62 more words

I like it better when the knight and dragon love each other


This was a key component of my writing motivation. If you feel the same way, check out  The Second Mango and its sequel, Climbing the Date Palm… 45 more words