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Why We Don't Need Any More Teen Girl Assassins and Do Need More Warrior Women

So, recently I’ve started watching Game of Thrones. I’ll save the long story for another time, but the brief edit remix goes something like this: I hate period shows and I hate fantasy shows but I’ve literally heard everyone in my life harp on about Game of Fuck All for so long that I need to at least give it a try so I can cancel their non-stop statements of Thrones love by saying, simply, ‘I’ve seen it and it’s shite/ spectacular/ average/ nowhere near as good as the 90210 reboot’. 2,056 more words


Femslash and platonic female friendship can coexist in the same story

“But why can’t anyone just be friends anymore?”
“Why can’t we have a story about women that isn’t a romance?”

Variations of things said to femslash fans and to queer women who are looking for representation in the media. 150 more words


Women as counselors, conciliators, and interpreters

I had lunch last month with my estranged husband. He had a work thing so he came up to Connecticut from his southern home and decided to attempt to reconnect with his children and me. 889 more words

An evening of two halves

We began our evening in a flurry of excitement as we explored our new costumes, experimenting with swishing our bustles and having a competition to see how many ways we could wear our hats. 236 more words

My Warrior Women list

Hey. ;) I’m back again, not caring that I don’t recieve that much likes as before, and I decided to create My Warrior Women list. You probably wonder, what is it, right? 885 more words

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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Neytiri

Greetings again all you geeks out there swooning for another woman warrior, today I bring you another girl that could easily be an Amazonian warrior. I apologize ahead of time to Arthur for bringing up… 489 more words


The “strong” heroine

I would like to revisit the meaning of “strong” heroine. Lately, I’ve noticed the term coming to mean some varying degree of a weapon-wielding succubus whose alleged lack of fear and ability to dominate men are interpreted as being powerful. 429 more words

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