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2:4 Linus Creel: On Genomics & Social Psych (10/13/2014)

The science of genomics is more advanced (& less predictive) than presented in “Dr. Creel.” Anyone can get a genomic profile of themselves by going to a university medical center. 526 more words

Help? Be Receptive

After a dinner party this summer, the last few guests offered to help bring in everything from outside. With great bravado, I quickly waved their help away. 357 more words


Who I am and what this is.

Who I am:

Well, I’m just a simple college student who enjoys spending a chunk of his time in Azeroth. My main is a warrior, and that is who this blog will mostly be about. 318 more words


[Story] Fairsong Academy - Terellion's Journal

Well, we didn’t get to go on our vacation together. Not exactly. Hethurin told me that he had to go with Des and Renner to study some portal, and at first he wanted me to go with the students to Shattrath and watch them. 627 more words


Weekend Writing Warriors - 11/23/14

This is it! The whole Hot nights in St. Blaise series will be available in a boxed set later this week!

I’ve been sharing bits and pieces from the series all month and today I have 8 lines from book #8, August Awakening – A 2014 Passionate Plume finalist and the cover shot that graces the whole boxed set! 306 more words


'Random thoughts"

I shall write words on my bedroom walls

so when my guest walk in they could see my thoughts in gold and purple writing

Gold because it symbolizes Wealth… 28 more words