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Holocaust Memorial Day 2015 - All about the bass..... I mean Jews!

“Why do the Jews always make it about them?  11 million people died during the Holocaust, only 6 million were Jews”.  This was a comment I read this week on a Facebook post about HMD, to which a reply came “The Jews make it about them so that they can get more money from the funds.”  This was such blatant anti-Semitism that it made me despair.  1,175 more words

Reviews: The Pianist and Defiance

27 January is Holocaust Memorial Day. Colin Revolting reviews two films set during WW2 that chronicle Jewish resistance

Defiance (2009)

When the Nazis invade Belarus, three Jewish brothers escape into the woods and vow to resist.  247 more words


The Ghetto uprising – resistance is never futile!

Jan Ladzinski introduces Wladyslaw Szlengel’s poem, Counterattack, on the 72nd anniversary of the start of revolt in the Warsaw Ghetto

Exactly 72 years ago the Warsaw Ghetto saw an unexpected revolt. 860 more words