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Wartime Rations - Day 19

I found myself really craving salad today. Maybe it was something to do with the fact we’ve only got a few more days of sunshine forecast before the temperatures start to drop below freezing. 613 more words


Wartime Rations - Day 18

I experimented with another recipe from Marguerite Patten‘s book, We’ll Eat Again today; Potato Cheese

Adjusting the ingredients for only one person, and substituting cabbage for parsley, I used 8 oz mashed potato, 1 1/2 oz grated cheese (almost my whole ration for the week!), 1/4 oz oatmeal and 2 tablespoons of chopped cabbage. 524 more words


Good cooking made easy...

Before Crisco cornered the market on cans of hydrogenated fat, there was Spry…and its folksy spokeswoman, Aunt Jenny. This 1942 Spry recipe booklet is filled with Aunt Jenny’s pithy confidence-boosters for inexperienced young housewives, like “Nothin’ to makin’ Pie Shells if you follow these easy pointers!” and “Every step of these recipes is so clear, so easy….even brand-new brides win loads of praise on their Spry cookin’!” 88 more words


Wartime Rations - Day 16

After my ‘lapse’ over the weekend, I’m trying to get back on track. One of the things I’m finding hard is not having toast with marmalade in the morning, but with only 2oz of jam/marmalade a week, I’m trying to save it for special occasions. 656 more words


Wartime Rations - Days 13/14/15

In celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving a week late, I always knew this would be a hard weekend food/ration wise. And yes, I slipped – badly – even though Canadians already received way more in rations than the Brits. 273 more words


‘They Were a Wall - Wheatley in a World at War 1914-19’

The Wheatley Branch of the Royal British Legion suggested a book to mark Wheatley 1914-19 and the Wheatley Society joined in.  A village team led by Bill Jackson, researched and composed the book in 2013-14. 429 more words


Wartime Rations - Day Twelve

Life just suddenly seems to have got busy, so I’ve been relying on leftovers and familiar recipes today. Next week I really must get more focused and do a bit more experimenting with my rations. 651 more words