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The G.Is. in Pontypool during the war

I recently received the following email from Craig Smith:

“I was doing some research on a story about German POWs (written for Wikipedia) and was trawling local newspapers for information about the first German bomber to be brought down in the UK (in Newport no less) during WW2.

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Don't Lets Be Beastly To The Germans - Noel Coward

Chock-full of good old English war-time humour, today we cover one of – if not my – favourite World War Two songs; “Don’t Lets Be Beastly To The Germans”, by the incomparable Noel Coward. 221 more words


Women in World War One

I know a fair bit about my grandfathers’ lives during Word War One. It’s always easy to find out about men’s lives in wartime. In the case of servicemen, every posting is recorded in their service records. 224 more words


© American RAF Wartime Airbase, UK

The privately owned Wartime Airbase is allegedly the largest vehicle graveyard in the UK. The place is massive and filled with every possible rusty vehicle you could imagine from old ambulances to agricultural. 447 more words

Elizabeth Pamela Mary

It’s funny how the day that A-level results are out is the same day as my late mother’s birthday. Elizabeth Pamela Mary – ‘Pam’ – Edwards would have been 86 today. 615 more words

Percy Frederick Huggins

One week into memories of The Great War and it’s the turn of my Grandfather on my Mum’s side. He died when I was about 3 or 4 so I don’t remember much about him. 623 more words


© Napoleonic Martellow Tower - UK

An impressive quatrefoil shaped wartime building, thought to be one of the largest martello towers in the UK. It would have had a gun emplacement(s) on top to protect us from Napoleonic invasion – now it has become a holiday haven for tourists and is owned by the Landmark Trust. 190 more words