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A truly haunting moment in history.

This was recorded in 1942.  It’s a nightingale in full song whilst in the background a squadron of Lancaster Bombers heads off to drop their cargo somewhere. 14 more words

July 13 '44 Thurs. 9:45PM

Dearest Sweetheart –

Just finished writing a long letter to Jack in answer to the letter I’m enclosing. Isn’t that a nice letter, honey? It made me feel so good. 775 more words

Distressed Families in Belgium - Concert in aid at the People’s Palace, The East London Observer, Saturday 30 January 1915

The East London Observer

Saturday 30 January 1915

Distressed Families in Belgium – Concert in aid at the People’s Palace

An evening concert of high order was given at the People’s Palace on Monday night.

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News From 1914-18

No Unattended Baggage!

Is it me or is my husband the most wonderful and absolutely ridiculous human being on earth?

Instead of sending me flowers at work, he goes the extra mile to say “I’m thinking of you!” Which is great in theory … … 248 more words


July 11 '44 Tues. 11:30 P.M.

Hello Honey –

I’m just starting this letter tonite but will finish it in the morning. I just don’t feel right if I don’t at least write you a line at nite. 501 more words

Prelude To Madness

Like two ungainly pigeons vying for the same crumb, the Hueys hovered for a split second unsteadily over the tall grass being violently thrashed from side to side, before touching down. 668 more words


Japanese granny attempts to trash treasure trove of old photographs, is thwarted by grandkids

Some people like to live a minimalist lifestyle – keeping the bare minimum of possessions and even living in tiny houses to help stave off clutter. 354 more words