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Time flies?

Nearly everyone I meet at the moment comments on how quickly this year has gone. At first I thought it was an age thing. But then my teenage niece (great niece actually, but I don’t dwell on that!) said the same thing. 465 more words

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June 20 '44 Tues 12:00 Midnite

Hello my darling – !

Well, I’ve thought of a million ways I could tell you this but all I can think of is our “dream” is coming true at last! 351 more words

How did the Prosecutor prove rape in Gacumbitsi?


In the Prosecution’s appeal in Gacumbitsi, the Prosecutor sought to clarify the law relating to rape as a crime against humanity and genocide. Invoking the limitations imposed in Rule 96, the Prosecutor argued that ‘ 923 more words

End Sexual Violence

Blackpool’s Experience of War


The essay seeks to compare experiences of Blackpool and two other resort areas in wartime. The findings show two fundamental differences in that experience. On the one hand continued occupancy levels and sustained leisure facilities. 53 more words


How did the Prosecutor prove rape in Kunarac?

The case of Kunarac concerned the detention and enslavement of women within an apartment that was allegedly being used to transfer people. Contending the Trial Chamber’s definition of enslavement, the appellants in Kunarac claimed that the Prosecution had to prove constant and clear lack of consent by the victims during the entire duration of their detention. 600 more words

End Sexual Violence

new year's eve, 1941

Hockey isn’t war and never was, despite the blood and the punching and all the borrowed bellicose terminology, the attacking and the shooting, the battling and the holding the fort. 639 more words


the book thief - markus zusak

Leisel is a girl, Max is a jew, and Death in 1939 Germany is going to be very, very busy.

Leisel and her brother are bound for a new foster family in Molching, Germany. 560 more words