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Learn By Trying and Doing: A Motivation

Its great the way I have learnt by trying to repair things at home. Be it the faulty washing machine, air conditioner or the car battery, they all have made me learn one or the other thing. 241 more words


How To Wash Your Washing Machine

Recently our washing machine has been smelling funny, even though we use no chemicals to wash our clothes with. I just could not understand were the horrible smell was coming from after all soap nuts have no smell and when you wash your clothes you would think the washing machine would self clean. 219 more words


dials, knobs, switches and habits

While I was loading my washing machine early this morning I couldn’t help but notice that I never really move the dial. I nearly always use the same setting, never really thinking about I am doing and as I stared at all the different settings from eco over super, wool and dedicates, rinse and spin I couldn’t help but wonder about choices and habits. 355 more words


10 Free DIY Easy Home Maintenance Tips

Simple & Easy Home Maintenance Tips

There’s an old saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially true in your home. 972 more words


The Trouble with Chia

Gum, pens, tissue paper, and now chia seeds. Add another item to the list of things banned from the washing machine. Unless you’re going for the chia pet look.


Grown up life #5 - Teething problems

From arguments with people in the house to actual problems with the house, this house has been nothing but stress from the moment we moved in so far.  282 more words


What Are You Missing That Everyone Else Has?

A recent survey found that 1 in 5 homes don’t have a washing machine … is that possible in 2014?

That’s 20%, crazy! But it got me curious … what’s the 1 thing you don’t have at your place, that everyone else does? 13 more words