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Saw this photo in another feed and couldn’t help a smile as it brought back many a memory of weekend time spent in the laundry. 64 more words

Caring For Your Kit. Does It Deserve Better?

Mud, pond water, sea water, rain, wind, bushes and trees not to mention blood and sweat and the odd bit of dried in energy gel. The kit of the average muddy racer goes through a lot and not always in the best conditions. 589 more words


Expert Energy Tips: Washing Machines

Washing machines are household necessities that have come a long way in the past 10 years. Newer models offer substantial savings on both energy and water bills which pay for themselves quickly over the long run. 300 more words

Finger rises, and falls

And it rises, and falls. And it rises, and falls. Rises. Falls. This movement is rhythmic and co-ordinates perfectly with the movement of my chest. That is purely due to the fact that it is currently resting on my chest, peacefully. 292 more words


"Quick and Easy Way to Wash Clothes" (1904)

Let this Machine do your Washing Free

There Motor Springs beneath the tub.

These springs do nearly all the hard work, when once you start them going. 402 more words


New Brain for an Old Washing Machine

When the washing machine at ‘s place went on the fritz, he went straight to the toolbox to try to repair it. The problem was with the old mechanical control unit, so got an Arduino out of the parts bin to create a… 166 more words


Day 74 Year 2

Monday the 13th. When the water from the sink flows into the washing machine.