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If I was a full time house wife I'd probably be quite enjoying this...

Normally, I love pretending that I live at the turn of the 20th century. I will quite happily spend an evening sitting at my writing desk with a pot of loose leaf tea, writing letters to friends and relatives dwelling in far off places, mending clothes, drying lavender and generally doing anything romantically old-fashioned. 246 more words

Married Life

Lesson in First Time Motherhood #4 Cloth Diapers

I’m pretty amazed by myself when it comes to diapering. I think I shock my husband every day. I do not like to be dirty. I really don’t like to get my hands dirty, so when I told him we should cloth diaper I think he almost passed out. 703 more words


Brain Tumbling

For the past few weeks I have been trying to come up with a decent topic for a new blog.  Many ideas have been tumbling around in my brain like clothes in a washing machine.   892 more words

All my music in a zippy with dry rice

So, Hello World! I’ve been thinking of creating a blog for a while now, exclusively dedicated to writing about myself. Pretty dull right? I guess this is meant to be something like a kind of personal motivation for me to keep on improving myself and reaching set goals and all that jazz using, amongst other just as reliable tools, the pressure of the public gaze upon my back! 710 more words


Hooked on a Feeling by Ainslie Paton (and Sixteen Reasons)

 It’s 1975, Gayle is separating from her cheating husband and has to move into a new neighbourhood with her 8-year-old son Dean, when divorce is still taboo and women mostly work in health care or education when they do work. 232 more words