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Keeping Clean

I’m a big believer in personal cleanliness.  For me, primitive camping always encompasses finding streams and rivers to wash off.  On this day, later August, I’d gotten up a layer of grubbiness and was super eager to clean up.   143 more words


Kitchen Complaints, Part 2: Man vs. Dishwasher

Here’s another reason why I turned away from my old plan of being a journalist. Deadlines. I like writing, and I get all my work in on time, but when the two come together, I fall short; the end of part one made the claim that part two would follow later that same day. 1,179 more words

Wales Life

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have never been very successful at making cookies.  I can do shortbread, and something called Tom Thumb biscuits, both of which I’m sure will appear on this blog at some point.   536 more words

Vignette: Real Work

I actually enjoy the washing up. No, really, I do. There is, to me, immense satisfaction in making something clean. Really clean. As in, cleaner than the last person who cleaned it left it. 381 more words

Vignette: A Slice Of My Everyday Life

Long John Silver

Scourged the galley with sweat and blood – no hands on deck willing to muck in. A coven of slovens, dogs from the scutter, sent to soil and despoil in the name of self. 184 more words


A Woman's Work?

When my mother died ten years ago, I moved several boxes from her loft to mine, and they have stayed there, untouched until recently. One interesting item that I came across – well, three interesting items – was a collection of books that belonged to my grandmother containing various tips, hints and recipes for a housewife/mother in the early 1900s. 107 more words

The Washing Up Situation

We don’t have a dishwasher but instead a sink and a large bottle of ecologically sound washing up liquid (with the times, I know) and I have spent the entire day washing up! 91 more words