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In the kitchen at parties...

In the kitchen at parties…

Isn’t eating with friends and family the nicest thing? I don’t mean sitting in front of the TV and eating while doing so; I mean preparing a meal, and then sitting down around a table to share it. 544 more words

11 Things you neglect as a student

So most students as a whole are as lazy as is physical possible, myself included. We all tend to neglect a lot of things in our lives, it’s not our fault that life is so much effort okay?

Student Motivation: The overall lack of.

In all honesty I’m not the best example of this because I actually do things with my time I volunteer with cubs, I’m on the committee of a society, I get reasonable grades… oh god it’s all a lie. 113 more words

No man can win Masterchef while new 'washing up round' remains

Male Masterchef contestants have complained that they ‘have no way of winning’ following new rules that mean they have to leave the kitchen tidy.

While soufflés and reductions hold no fear for men in the tea-cooking contest, wiping a damp cloth around the worktops afterwards is more than many can manage. 213 more words


Thursday, 10th April 2014

Washing up, n.

Pronunciation: /wɒʃɪŋ ʌp/
Etymology: < washing n. + up adv.

A job that won’t do itself if left; contr. with drying up n.


Wanted: Kitchen Fairy

I really don’t like doing housework! Even when I was able bodied I employed someone to clean for me. This was for two reasons, when working long days and often juggling two jobs, I just didn’t have the time or energy, and I was happy to employ another woman who was usually in need of earning the cash cash. 479 more words

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