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Photo Prop Washing Instructions

We recommend washing all items before use. 


Stretch Wraps – Machine wash cold water, gentle cycle. Dryer cycle on low heat.

Fur – Machine wash cold water, gentle cycle. 63 more words

What’s The Longest You Can Go (Tolerate) With Out Washing Your Hair?

One day…? 2 days? 3 days?? 4?!
My max is 3 days.
Or 4. Often I can do 4 as long as I haven’t worked out. 45 more words

Procrastinating from study

things I did today instead of studying…

  • cleaned my room
  • curled my  hair
  • shaved my legs
  • washed the dishes
  • watched tv
  • made my bed
  • did my washing…
  • 30 more words

Four Methods To Recycle Washing Machine Drums

Got a broken washing machine lying around and you have no idea of how to recycle an previous washing machine drum? You can create a pendant lamp, an ottoman, a wall light or even or you can enjoy the starry nights with out receiving goose bumps by constructing yourself an elevated fire … … 7 more words

ear assault

Assault to his ears is what earns the kid’s condemn. Namely, parents telling him that he’d better wash behind them.



I just put my first load of cloth diapers and covers in the wash for prepping! It’s just the ones that need a single hot water wash, I’ll save the ones that need a few full washes for another rainy day. 97 more words

Cloth Diapers