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The Secret Care of Turkish Towel

We came across towel companies often giving you washing instructions from the tag on how to care for your Towel. Duh! It shouldn’t be that hard to find. 312 more words


Diaper Laundry Day...

Yay! It’s diaper laundry day!

Diaper laundry is my favorite laundry… Haha! I’m sure some of you may think “Ewwww!…Really?!” I know it may sound a little crazy, but it’s the easiest to do and put away! 834 more words

Vapo - Vapor and Shower System

Overview: The Vapo hopes to bridge the gap between lathering up with suds to washing them out. We tend to let the shower run even when we are soaping up and this is mainly because we want to feel the warm spray whist we lather. 47 more words

Product Design

Lots of buttons

After another attempt at using the washing machine and then having to ring out the water by hand today we purchased a new washing machine which also has a built in dryer, very exciting!  207 more words

Take the washing to dinner

For a couple of days now we have been having washing machine issues with the washing machine not spinning and the clothes coming out completely drenched. 206 more words

Keeping your apron spotless!

Keeping your apron clean

Today, Chef Bablu gives us a great tip on cleaning cooking aprons.

“Many of the spices used in Indian cookery do stain and this is especially true of turmeric. 48 more words

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