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Preview: A Wizard Did It part one

Focusing on the Hong Kong protests, SARs, and disputes over small islands in the South Pacific, the American media presents the public with a caricature China, part sinister rising superpower, part unwieldy giant. 62 more words

Paradigm Change

Week Seven Part 1: Aid & the Washington Consensus

According to Dambisa Moyo in “Dead Aid,” there are four alternative sources of funding for African economies. African governments should:

  1. Follow emerging Asian markets. This is because they are accessing international bond markets and taking advantage of falling yields.
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Liz Stratman

Brown man's burden

About 12 years ago, in 2002, on my first visit to Accra, Ghana, I was given a lighthearted article on how difficult it is to understand the local dialect of English, how yes doesn’t mean yes, and so on. 98 more words

The Washington Consensus, A Backgrounder And Yes, It Is Being Implemented In New Zealand Right Now

As per promised here is the first instalment of my interpretation of the 10 rules of the Washington Consensus as worded in 1989 by John Williamson… 599 more words

Economic Meltdown

Washington Consensus - One of the shortest and best explanation – in English and Sebial - prepared by Prof. stanko Radmilovic

The term “Washington Consensus” is now very famous and infamous phrase often in discussions on trade and development. It is often considered as a synonym of “neoliberalism” and “globalization.” As the creator of the phrase John Williamson said: “The public around the world believe that means a set of neoliberal policies imposed on countries through the ill-fated Washington-based international financial institutions that led them to crisis and misery. 1,205 more words


Cheerless epilogue imposed, self-centered conceptions of transition

 With the concept of transition on any of the models imposed on expres privatization – shock therapy, closeout, wild, predatory privatization – not achieved self-sustainable market economy, without the external financial dependence and without underemployment and a forced labor export… 417 more words


Hollande: A Typical Example of a Deplorable Phenomenon

Francois Hollande the Prime Minister of France has recently faced an internal revolt, as well as revelations of his former partner that this “socialist man” in fact hates the poor. 328 more words

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