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Songs For Crayfish Parties

Jag har ju nästan inte spenderat någon tid alls med svenska aupairer här i USA, vilket förra lördagen kompenserades ganska rejält. Vid lunch träffade jag en gullig tjej vid namn Josefin som kom till USA från Sverige för bara sex veckor sedan. 224 more words


saturday vignette: an afternoon in Washington, DC

My wife and I recently stayed overnight in Washington, DC. Neither of us had visited the city much since we lived there for about five years many years ago. 357 more words


Wisconsin Sheriff Calls On Disgraced US Attorney General Eric Holder To Apologize To Law Enforcement Community For Making Bad Situation Worse In Ferguson Missouri

Attorney general Eric Holder and Missouri Democratic leaders need to apologize to the law-enforcement community for impugning officers’ motives in light of the unrest in Ferguson, Mo., according to one prominent county sheriff. 148 more words

Washington DC

Washington in Flames!

I wonder how many Americans know that a foreign power once occupied then burned our nation’s capital.

200 years ago on August 24, 1814 The British occupied Washington DC. 1,824 more words

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Biking the Monuments with My Child

OK, this is not about adoption and not about Asian culture.  The only tiny connection I can make is that there were a lot of international tourists (many Asian) on the National Mall the day we did this tour.  1,493 more words

Washington DC

Senator: Savage Muslim Beasts Developing Capability To Blow Up An Entire US City

The ranking Republican on the Armed Services Committee in the U.S. Senate is warning that ISIS terrorists, those who this week beheaded an American journalist, are trying to develop the capability of blowing up an entire American city. 19 more words

Washington DC

Department Of Homeland Security Warns American Law Enforement Of Expected Terrorist Efforts In US After US Attacks On Savage Muslim Beasts In Iraq

Federal authorities sent a bulletin to U.S. law enforcement Friday in light of the threat concerning militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), according to CBS News. 64 more words

Washington DC