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Week of July 21, 2014

The answer isn’t (just) steroids/PEDs: Barry Bonds was better than anybody at hitting a baseball.

This is 28-point list of Barry Bonds hitting stats that are hard to imagine, yet it happened. 833 more words


Welcome to my nightmare

Oh what’s that? Just a trillion flies hatching, swarming and descending upon the heartland. I would rather be trapped in a glass elevator suspended 1,000 feet in the air with a clown juggling live snakes, than anywhere near this biblical infestation.

via Washington Post


Native advertising remains an awkward -- but very necessary -- mess

Take it from experience, it’s not easy being a native advertising sympathizer.

Sitting through a half hour panel on ‘modern monetization’ at the Native Advertising Summit in San Francisco on Tuesday — or as the moderator put it, “the sobering reality of paying the bills” — I couldn’t deny that there is a lot that’s awkward in this new ad movement. 792 more words


The New Fabricated Republican War: Millennials

First Republicans were accused of Waging a “War on Women,” now, apparently, they are turning their wrath on millennials.

In her recent column for the Washington Post, Catherine Rampell, argues that Republicans are waging a war on millennials by trying to block them at the polls. 1,226 more words


CEOs Read: Don Graham on his favorite books

Words are woven into Don Graham’s bloodline. He’s the CEO of Graham Holdings, which today owns test prep and online education company Kaplan. But his company and his family are best known for their newspaper roots. 599 more words


Final Results are Not In

Just a moment to reflect on the cost of drawn out election processes.  The IEC was supposed to announce the final results from the presidential elections two days ago (on July 22), but currently it is difficult to see politics stabilizing in the next few months. 210 more words