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Woodland Park Zoo Grizzly Bears 20th Birthday

Yesterday my mom and I visited Woodland Park Zoo for the 20th birthday of grizzly bear brothers Keema and Denali. Although technically the bears’ birthday was back in January, the zoo wanted them to actually be awake enough to celebrate so waited for April. 245 more words

Idea #14: Move most important graduate-level programs from WSU Pullman to WSU Spokane

Here’s a bold idea that might not attract too much popular support but should be considered as part of a broader package of ideas that would revitalize downtown Spokane and enhance educational opportunities and outcomes in our state. 389 more words


Greetings from the President - April 14, 2014

The purpose of this posting is to make more people aware or remind people about the Northwest Association of Teacher Educators (NWATE) and to encourage those in our area to both attend and present their work and ideas at our… 220 more words

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Washington State University Considers Med School

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Medical officials predict an aging population and expanded health coverage under the Affordable Care Act will contribute to doctor shortages across the nation. 759 more words


God and Pointless Suffering

I attended a discussion/debate between two professors at Washington State University this evening.  The debate was about “suffering” and whether or not God allows such suffering as a part of his divine plan, meaning that all suffering has some higher purpose or reasoning that we cannot understand, or if He instead does not have control over some of our actions, allowing for instances of Pointless Suffering. 468 more words


Wendy Brown at WSU part of international East Coast fever vaccine development project

Bull (Plate I) by Pablo Picasso, 1945, Museum of Modern Art (via Wikipaintings).

‘Researchers at Washington State University have begun work on a vaccine that could save the lives of millions of cattle around the world. 231 more words


Inner Strength

All my life I’ve considered myself a weak person. I was never athletic. I was never physically strong. I never really knew how to stand up for myself, and, as my family often told me, I was “too sensitive.” I felt too much, and was very susceptible to hurt and heartache. 434 more words

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