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Race-based hate crimes spike in D.C.; whites most common victims, but underreporting feared

Dear me. From reading the Huffington Post (something I stopped doing as I couldn’t stomach the lies), I thought only white people could commit hate crimes. 108 more words

Cost of Caring for Illegal Immigrant Child: $86,846.34

While back I posted a piece about the cost associated with the taxpayer caring for illegal immigrant children. Now new dollar amounts have been discovered by Judicial Watch. 217 more words


Repubs take control of Senate - Washington Times warns America of dangers to our existence with lame duck Obama in White House

Republicans will take control of the Senate and thus will control both houses of Congress starting in January. Obama no longer can hide behind and be protected by Harry Reid. 583 more words


Here's Proof That The White House Expects Republicans to Win

We’ve all been hearing lots of pre-election spin from liberals in media and politics about the midterms and the reason for that is obvious.

If Republicans win the senate, Democrats will furiously try to say that the election didn’t mean anything. 113 more words


Dem campaign flier prompts reminder: KKK was militant wing of Democratic Party

Those heading to the polls in Wisconsin tomorrow will still have the option of writing in State Rep. Brett Hulsey for governor. Hulsey has registered as a write-in independent candidate, but you might remember this spring, when then-Democrat gubernatorial candidate Hulsey announced… 473 more words