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Pioneer Falls, Alaska

Trying to find a somewhat comprehensive list of waterfalls in Alaska is not an easy endeavor. The sheer size and remoteness of much of the state leads me to believe there are far more waterfalls than listed. 516 more words


Own little bed

Under the sloping roof where you see the small window is the bed area. That is where my loft bedroom is. Was it ever nice to get to sleep in my own bed. 127 more words

Tales from Wasilla: Karen Olson and the Denouement

Eleven months ago, WC wrote about the indictments against Karen Olson arising out of the latest failed effort to have an Alaska dairy. WC discussed the inability of some folks to leave alone money that is “just sitting there.” 330 more words


Spicy Jambalaya Pasta

I realize that the term Jambalaya does not coincide with pasta whatsoever, but its the awesome flavor profile of Jambalaya added to a wonderful pasta. Now I had this pasta at a local place (in Wasilla, Alaska) many years ago and they shut down due to the owner passing away. 401 more words


Sarah Palin Cited For Speeding

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Sarah Palin is facing a $154 ticket for speeding in her hometown of Wasilla.

The former Alaska governor was pulled over July 16 and cited for driving between 10 and 19 mph over the speed limit. 126 more words


Sarah Palin 'Can't Drive 55'

Sarah Palin ‘Can’t Drive 55′

How rockin’ is this?!?   As someone who drives a Mustang, and is a big Sammy fan, I can certainly relate to Sarah on this one!  :-)