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HAIKU -- 08312014-5

a silver-white stream

of sleep arching — the wasps’

teeming nest


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Horrible, horrible freedom!

Apparently all this attention has gone to the yellowjackets’ heads, and they’ve started holding meetings — or possibly very boring parties — out in the open. 715 more words


30 August 2014


Outside Venice station, on the heavily trafficked stretch leading down to the Lista di Spagna, two super-equipped ciclo-tourists (northern European? American?) are gingerly pushing wizz-bang bikes, looking bewildered. 1,148 more words


this woman has a bug problem

A woman in Winchester, Hampshire, England had an estimated 5000 wasps living in a bed. According to the story the woman had no idea that she was living with them because she rarely goes into her spare bedroom. 246 more words


Douleur dans mon Coeur (for Old Frontenac)

As I walked down the crumbling asphalt path and gazed past the English lawns and picnic tables that surrounded me to the glittering water that lay in the distance below steep, tree-shrouded bluffs, I felt a sudden sharp pain at my left breast. 1,097 more words


Winkel 43: Best apple tart in Amsterdam

Imagine: Big chunks of apple. Covered in just enough cinnamon that’s soft to the bite. Encased in a cookie-like pie crust that lends itself to a doughy texture when in contact with the apple filling. 144 more words


Woman Discovers 5,000 Wasps in Guest Room

An English woman had no idea her home was so popular among wasps until she opened the door to her guest room and found thousands of the insects inside. 137 more words