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A Pollinator Party at Nut Hill Farm

One of the reasons we like keeping some of our bees at Nut Hill Farm is that our friend, Jim, who owns and operates Nut Hill Farm, avoids the use of chemicals on his vegetables and fruits, choosing to take a largely organic approach.   607 more words


Ebb and Flow

Summer in Maryland was apparently a temperate, rainy affair this year. On our recent trip we saw the evidence of this everywhere we went. The Great American Lawn was resplendently lush and green, weedy vegetation was rampant, wildflowers were plentiful. 377 more words

Nature Notes

Hives under attack!

We’ve been concerned about one of our hives on Connaught House for a few weeks now – the bees just seemed a bit lethargic, there were quite a few dead ones in the sugar water, and they weren’t drinking the sugar water or building up above the brood box at all. 205 more words

Asian Hornets - are they on their way here?

We are incredibly proud of our little apiary here at Hunters Lodge.  Our bees are tended to with great love and care.

In turn, they reward us with the most delicious honey. 1,330 more words

Fiona Dillon

What is the point of a TMO?

When I started this blog, I was determined not to end up constantly slating officials. Officiating is a thankless task, particularly at grass-roots level, and I wouldn’t do it for all the tea in china. 406 more words


Fruit Haiku

Fruit heavy on the branches; friends and neighbours overloaded and giving fruit and vegetables to friends, neighbours, or the Food Bank. It’s the season when we stock up for winter, just like squirrels … 60 more words


Wasps endanger Edmonton waste management workers

WATCH ABOVE: The city’s waste management department is asking residents to do a few things to protect collectors from wasp stings. Kendra Slugoski has the details. 562 more words