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Pilots of WASP

Usually posts are about one particular special woman, but today’s post is about a group of women who deserve a little remembrance and admiration. During World War II, women were not allowed to be fighter pilots, but they played a very important role in keeping the military’s planes flying just the same. 333 more words

Meeting A Need

Once a Wasp, now a Sarrie?

There has been a lot of coverage of Wasps’ proposed move to Coventry, much  of it focusing on the potential effect on other West Midlands rugby clubs. 163 more words

Fall is Beautiful!

So I’m not being a very good blogger by interrupting my collection of updates about Nashville, but it’s for something very important.

Look how beautiful that is! 338 more words

Prayer 25: the horror of wasps

Dear God,

Please could You stop the plague of wasps we are suffering from at home at the moment? I hate wasps even more than I hate other insects (apart from spiders) and I really don’t see why You had to create them in the first place. 69 more words


Wasps begone

“How long do bees live?” Ruth asked me at work. It’s a good question. I replied, “Six weeks in summer and around five months in winter, while queens can live for two or three years.” 663 more words


Free at Last - Sort of

The Squire and I were at the doctor’s office at 12:50 for a 1:00 appointment to have my cast removed, and out on the street at 1:00. 308 more words


It was hard to strip away the frames the little swarm of bees had worked so hard to blanket with comb! Here they had already begun to fill each cell with pollen and nectar, ready to call the new frames home. 1,196 more words