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I’ve got wasps in the attic
and I’m frightened to go up,
afraid of being dive-bombed
by the past.

Black lines on yellowing paper
lurk in half surrendered boxes, 52 more words



I had some rather odd dreams last night and I am going to try and dissect them. There is one dream I want to focus on because I found it to have little to do with my waking life other than the people involved. 685 more words

Arthropods and their Valuable Venom

Fear is what gets into the minds of most people when they hear the word “venom”. We imagine these horrible creatures that are tiny or large, but can probably kill you. 338 more words


Leaving Jacksonville

{My dad and I have travelled to Jacksonville, Florida to visit my Uncle Oba and interview him for the book we’re writing about Odunde. The interview has already lasted 4 or 5 hours and I was hungry, so I suggested we go get lunch. 660 more words

Adventures In Writing

wasp & bee

lining the metal shelves of the studio amid the pinecones and glaze pots,

the clay bins and pot stilts are kiln posts -

(hollow fire brick to rest the shelves on in the kiln-) 141 more words



As the allergist made a point of saying to me this morning, for today I am not allergic to insect stings. My risk of an allergic reaction is the same as any person who has never been stung before. 341 more words