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Minor Act of Bio-Terrorism

So, this morning I was standing at the station listening to ‘Wrecking Ball’ by Gillian Welch and I was thinking about a romance book I’d just read which said something about passion being important in life, and I was trying to think what passion feels like, but I just kept thinking about the flu. 298 more words

5 Stars

Velvet Ants

Welp, I no sooner post about some of the weirder insect families than we have a bug zoo and our office becomes (wonderfully) inundated with some awesome insects!  127 more words


Death in the Afternoon

Spring is my favorite time of year — a promise of things to come. Like all promises, it isn’t always kept, but like a five-year-old, I keep believing this time my little balcony garden will thrive. 830 more words

Bugs and Blood

I am enjoying the conjuring weather today, it inspires me to create something with the cauldron. That is, until I hear the demon buzzing of a wasp overhead. 265 more words

Becoming Clementine

Jennifer Niven’s Becoming Clementine was a safer WWII book to try. The end may be a little bittersweet, but it is a WWII novel, after all…how could it not be bittersweet at best? 286 more words

Books, Books, Books...


This is an off-topic post, as it is neither about a place I have been or something I have seen, but I wanted to share in the hopes of providing some additional insight into who I am.   515 more words