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Aphids, ants, ladybugs, and wasps! Oh my!

We have a strange phenomenon occurring in our backyard. It started a few weeks ago when I noticed a pair of wasps engaged in a death match on our deck in the back yard. 410 more words


For some damned reason that I cannot figure out, I just cannot let a bee hive alone.  Not Honey bees.  They are going through some tough times these days and I like honey, so they get a pass.  611 more words

The Downpour Done (Haiku Cavalcade 15)

the downpour done – /
wasps creep out of the stump /
one by one //

playing hide and seek /
with a mob of fireflies – / 29 more words


Ah, wasps. Those lovable little insects whose stings pack quite the wallop. My relationship with wasps isn’t as acrimonious as it is with cockroaches, but we’re not friends to say the least. 530 more words


Hymenoptera through the day

Here are a series of images I shot during the course of a summer day in Vancouver. All are hymenopterans, which, in addition to being tasty… 110 more words


All You Need is Nutella

As someone who spends an extortionate amount of time pretending to be nothing like the proletariat masses, I’m sometimes embarrassed to admit to my love for Nutella. 675 more words

How To Get Rid Of Wasps Naturally - 3 Trade Secrets

The Issue

Last Friday evening I returned home to the news that my housemate had discovered a wasp infestation (a little exaggeration). Having left a bowl of brown sugar on the side, a dozen or so wasps had decided to make our kitchen their home. 687 more words