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Yo! This is really really dumb!

Perception is a powerful thing.  When something isn’t popular, like Path anywhere outside of Indonesia, people have a lot of opinions on why it’s a lousy product.  1,347 more words


Yo Wassup Hodor

In the Beginning was Yo

In the beginning was Yo, and the Yo was the Hi, the Hello and them all. Yo had the… 164 more words

Le learning shtoofs

We learned about Input -> process -> output and then backing storages like CD-Rom, R , and RW, and things like USB flash drives

K-pop Gone Wild

Remember back in 2009 when K-pop for girl groups was basically everything aegyo? I swear entire choreography consisted of nothing but cutesy winks, fist-to-the-cheek poses, kissy faces, and the most adorable leg popping one could do. 444 more words

K Pop