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Obsession? I think not. Addiction.

If there is one thing I am addicted to, it is finding GIFs and posting them. So have fun looking through this collection of beauties. =)

Missing Posts

So, I just noticed a strange bug about WordPress.  It has to do with it, on more than one occasion, eating my posts, sometimes with no previous “revision version” available at all. 194 more words

A waste of my time

There are times when one has to make the first move to know if the other truly cares for her as much as she does. 1,086 more words


This Is Just Kind of Crazy...

I stumbled upon this the other day.  I didn’t read it, so don’t take this as any sort of a review, I’m only writing because I was struck by the very nature of the piece.   370 more words




If you let a night pass you by,
Never allowing it to fill up your time,
The next morning will then come by;
Everything comes alive before an eye. 58 more words


The Facebook Birthday Wish-Frenzy

I rarely step out of bed in the morning feeling grouchy, but today it’s happening. The Facebook birthday wish frenzy is getting ridiculous. I’m one known to chipperly get my kids up on dreary mornings, turn on music, light candles, make us breakfast and exclaim encouraging words. 433 more words

Essays & Reflections

We're a straight fooled by youth

So I’ve been battling all day with hay fever. Which, by the way, for those of you who aren’t aware of what this is – is just reaching for the tissue box 234902834280 times in the course of an hour because you can’t stop sneezing or you just have a runny nose 24/7. 216 more words