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1 Mile Run (And How To Fail Miserably At It)

On the 10th day of school, my teacher gave to me, 10 pop quizzes

9 50 pound notebooks

8 wormy apples

7 swans a swimming… 319 more words


Rapid Review: Transcendence (2014)

“Once online, a sentient machine will quickly overcome the limits of biology. And in a short time, its analytic power will become greater than the collective intelligence of every person born in the history of the world.” 457 more words


The Spectacular Now

I like movies.

Every one who’s met me probably knows this. It’s so synonymous with who I am that a few years back when I ran across a friend from grade school, she sent me a message saying how glad she was to hear from me and asked if I still watched movies all the time. 2,297 more words

Guest Writers

This is why I can't get anything done.

One cat claimed the fabric I was trying to measure in the name of KITTEH, and when I sat down, this one attached herself for a nap to rival Rip Van Winkle’s.   23 more words


Ketchup? Catch Up

It’s weird to realize that you’re probably the last person in your high school graduating class to graduate college and find a real job. It’s weird, confusing and kind of sad. 251 more words

Unincorporated Me: Unit 2 The Perpetual Waste of Time in Talk

Talking is the most utilized method of communication. I didnt even have to lookup that stat to believe it. Even next to texting and emailing Im sure talking trumps them both in the numbers. 762 more words


Lame thing 2

So I found one of those horrible lists we all did when we were younger. I’m sure lots of people still do them, but still no one reads them. 986 more words