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Early Bird No Worm

October 24, 2014

Okay so I’ll give myself 5 minutes to write something. It’s kind of like a brain warm-up for the day. I guess I’ll talk about the habits in my life that make it both more difficult and easier at the same time. 317 more words


What Am I Even Doing with My Life?

Tonight I spent an hour trying to prank my cat. Which wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t for the fact that he was too smart to fall for it.


One-Liner Wednesday: A Whole Lot of Nothing

This one-liner shall waste your time, for it makes no sense; after reading it there might be a little enmity between reader and author, breeding angst that slowly festers underneath the bosom of even the gentlest heart, growing ire of the kind that only one can have after reading so many letters and words and finding that the ending is as anti-climactic as five second coitus, bringing perturbing feelings to the fore while desperately attempting to pay attention to the spaces between the words and not the words themselves, willing disturbed thoughts out and using them to foster an imagination where the author is put on trial and convicted of the most heinous crimes possible for crafting a devious one-liner that obeys the letter of the rules, yet somehow, some way, manages to expend over a hundred words in reaching that one simple punctuation mark that ends the agony and the sentence. 28 more words



it seems humanity no longer knows that resting is not a waste of time


Day 1 - Not the Best Start

I started the morning with the best intentions!  I went to work for a few hours and then from work went, or headed. to the gym.   139 more words

Don't waste your time!

Every day’s got 24 hours. Your every day’s activities fit (or MUST fit) into these 24 hours. Within these 24 hours you need to:

Ways To Better Your Life

What is this I don't even.

Guess what I just got back!  C’mon, guess!  Betcha can’t guess! 9 more words