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It's True - I Sew the Holes in the Toes of My Socks

Most people think I’m crazy, but I sew the holes in the toes of my socks.

I have a hard time throwing them out if they’re perfectly good and just have a hole in the toe. 175 more words

Sustainable Choices

Your Reusable Grocery Bag Just Saved a Sea Turtle's Life

Consider what happens to a plastic bag or water bottle when you throw it away. Where do you think it ends up? A landfill? Perhaps. 127 more words

Consumer Choices

Buying with Intent: Reducing Waste and Saving Money

We now live in a “throw-away society”, wherein we buy mass-produced, inexpensive products for short-term or even one-time use. Products are often made to have a short lifespan so that you will have to buy more, more often. 494 more words

Consumer Choices

Waste Not Want Not

Living in the western world, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to food. Whether it’s going out to a restaurant for dinner, or going to the supermarket for our weekly shop, we are guaranteed to greeted with an abundance of food choices. 392 more words

Don't flick it!

Have you noticed the addition of some black cylinders to a few of the tree guards along Roncy? Perhaps you figured out what they were before additional clues were added. 378 more words

Community Engagement

This Old Thing?

The fashion industry is not something we often worry about when thinking about the environment. However, like anything, it has it’s own carbon footprint, and our desire for fast fashion is creating more issues than we care to think about. 728 more words

Eating Humble Pie- June 27, 2014

I have simply been too busy during the day, and too tired at night, to post to my blog this week. That makes me kinda sad because I really enjoy the thinking, researching, picture-taking and writing that a decent post requires of me. 1,266 more words

Growing Food