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Wasteful or Extravagant?

Sometimes people who argue against evolution cite it’s apparent wastefulness and dead ends as reasons it can’t be true. God would not design a world with wastefulness and purposeless lives. 277 more words


Lean at Home...by My Nine-Year-Old Son

The other day my son came up with a great improvement at home.  It saves only a few seconds but it is in the true spirit of continuous improvement and kaizen. 219 more words


Spatial Justice & Social Housing

Sarah GlynnWhere the Other Half Lives  2009. New York: Pluto Press.

The work considers the issues surrounding social housing in today’s neoliberal economic climate.  57 more words


Modern Paper Waste Basket by Wedding Ideasy

A single of the most effective ways to hold your room clean is providing a wastebasket which can shop any kinds of waste you have. Specifically when you get tiny spaces, you have to throw a great deal of things to make the area appears larger. 23 more words

Plastic Free July Wrapped Up

I had intended to write more posts on Plastic Free July during this month, but real life took over in the past few weeks and my energy was diverted elsewhere. 1,091 more words

Principles And Ethics

Modern Day Paper Waste Basket

A single of the most successful techniques to maintain your room clean is supplying a wastebasket which can shop any types of waste you have. Particularly when you get modest spaces, you have to throw a lot of things to make the room appears bigger. 14 more words