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Investigations 29.7

Today in investigations we did a classroom swap. Six of the Diasies went to different Kindergarten classed and we had six visitors from other classess. 134 more words


"Good To The Last Drop!"

OK, call me frugal. I am a squeezer of toothpaste tubes, a scraper of peanut butter jars,…I hate to waste. But I’ve noticed other family members add items to the grocery list when they are still half full. 127 more words

Beauty IS only Skin Deep!

I watched a video today on how the French are reducing fresh produce waste by changing their marketing strategies.  The problem:  Supermarkets only sell fruits and vegetables that meet set standards of appearance.   359 more words

Your old cell phone

There’s been a bit of a summer lull so I’ve focused less on hunting and more on putting things up on eBay. Over the last few days I’ve listed 18 items, bringing my total to a record 89. 701 more words

Crooked Teeth? Waste No Time in Visiting an Orthodontist in Davis, CA

Vulnerability to Gum Disease
Since misaligned teeth interferes with a person’s ability to chew food well, uneven or crowded teeth can make one more susceptible to gum diseases like gingivitis, which is characterized by swelling, redness, irritation, and even bleeding gums whenever an individual flosses or brushes. 31 more words

Water Bottles

Americans use 50 billion single use water bottles a year. It takes 17 million barrels of oil to produce the 50 billion water bottles. Only 23% of water bottles are recycled. #itemsofmassdestruction #recycle #sustainable #waste #plastic


Short film - Waste

This is Waste by Future shorts at YouTube. They have visualised how much we use everyday. It is like we do not see it… and we do not seem to care either… this film clearly shows us how little we care. 7 more words