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How to love a Bad Person

I had my exams last week so I couldn’t post. And as usual I forgot this week. I’m posting today because I need to get this out. 499 more words


The first circle. Limbo. Those with no rings. The Quarterbacks. The Minnesota Vikings.

You awaken to the sounds of Peyton Manning humming his favorite song from his favorite commercial. 436 more words


Don't Let Your Website Waste Away Again In Key West

(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 30, 2015 ) Key West, Florida – Is your website wasting away again in Key West? Are you constantly adding new pages, blog posts, and valuable information to your site? 26 more words


The bus was filled with blank visages,

empty eyes that stared − no, gazed 

at no point in particular, simply waiting

− no, hiding in that sweet nothingness, 35 more words

Daily LIfe

Kill the K-cup

Single-use products like these need to be taken out back behind the shed, and shot.
Leave it to the Global North to be in such… 110 more words


Stupid Waste Of Space

This statment alone tells me that I am falling and falling hard I seem to be feeling destroyed and hopless. Really blue. Not sure what is driving this but I am trying really hard to no let it take over. 17 more words

Jennifer Corinthios: Waste Not, Want Not

This week has marked a change in my relationship with food waste. As I am now committed to taking pictures of what I am throwing away, it has led me to think critically about my existing fridge inventory, and to use all my food in a more timely manner. 128 more words