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Working my Muscles on FeedingHK Bread Run

This Tuesday, I went to Pret A Manger and Arome Bakery in Central to pick up their leftover bread. It was A LOT of bread. I then took this bread to the Feeding Hong Kong collection point in Yao Tong. 74 more words


Reducing food waste: the smart supply chain

Last year, Tesco and WRAP UK reported that a third of the food produced in the UK goes to waste. Approximately half of this waste occurs in the home, and the other half goes to waste within the supply chain – before it ever reaches the store. 239 more words


War on Waste

Ask any CFO for his or her Top 3 wishes and driving down operating costs will always be amongst them. I am therefore constantly perplexed why organisations are solely fixated with the excessive unit costs associated with resources and surplus capacity and the time taken to perform activities and transactions. 1,045 more words

Systems Thinking

zero waste restaurant

what: lovely Chicago based restaurant has produced 0 waste for the past 2 years

where: Chicago, Illionois

who: Sandwich Me In


Taking a tour of where I live ...

How great is a day off? And, more importantly, how bad does it feel when it feels like you wasted one? Welcome to my life. Yesterday I had a day off teaching because there was a regional holiday! 446 more words

Recycling is Not Good

When looking at what happens once you put a product in the recycle bin, the road seems quite dire. First (and in my opinion worst) of all, … 825 more words

Environmental Issues


Another one of those 2am projects. Interpret as you will.