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Different Strokes

I was busy typing this morning when I happened to look up at the screen and noticed that I was typing nonsense. (Some people might argue that everything I type is nonsense, but that is another matter.) I happened to have placed my hands on the wrong keys, therefore nothing I typed made any sense whatsoever. 86 more words

Christian Living

WASTE NOT........Read Proverbs 5: 7-14

‘Waste not, want not’.  Good advice in life.  Don’t waste your  life , and you’ll not want for meaning and purpose in the short years we are given.  411 more words

Why Lose?

If you think God is a series of do’s and don’ts, you don’t know him. If you think obeying the Ten Commandments will make you a friend of God, you don’t know the gospel. 84 more words


The work may be hard, but the reward makes the work well worth it

Within this Society of ” all about me” and fast paced I need it now mentality, we have become lazy and not willing to put in the work, so we can receive the reward. 533 more words

The Prophet

Alone for all eternity,
I’m bound and banished
to this place of squalor,
in cold and storms
and through the lonely nights
as the wind screams clear… 287 more words

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