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I’d looked at many E92 M3 BMW’s and two Aston Martin Vantages (!) (not to mention the countless AE86 “wrecks” that seem to still command exceedingly high price tags) prior to settling on a car that has always made me smile.   122 more words


Zankyou no Terror Episode 7

Here is the link to episode one as usual.

Seriously Lisa is just the worst. I kept waiting for her big debut. They kept building to her joining the team and I was cheering for her. 359 more words


Zankyou no Terror Episode 6

Here is the review of the first two episodes.

I think Five is going to give me some serious nightmares. I mean some of the most frightening villains are the ones that don’t seem to have a motive behind their madness. 357 more words


Zankyou no Terror Episode 5

For a spoiler free review read Zankyou no Terror Episode 1 and 2.

Holy gee willikers Batman! I know that I was begging for some plot development in this episode, but I never expected them to change up the formula this much. 338 more words


The Last Samurai

There’s no shortage of films where a white guy infiltrates a society of others, and he ditches his loyalty to his white guy friends and helps the others. 158 more words



EN – The passion for the nostalgic yesteryear is finding its way into the online shopping site “Yoox”: the vintage section, which in the past was quite beloved by the users, has being relaunched on a grand scale: first, the vintage clothes have been separated into decades (from the 50s to the 90s) and furthermore, the website offers a selection of Japanese avant-garde fashion form the 80s. 402 more words

Fashion Icons

Zankyou no Terror Episode 4

Link to the spoiler free review of the first two episodes, the rest of this review will contain spoilers.

This is definitely the best episode yet. 333 more words