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A Must Watch For Those Who Need Marketing Video - YouTube

Need Marketing Video? – http://www.webnub.com/video Let's face it; video marketing is here to stay and it will keep growing as the Internet grows. There are …

Credit Repair

Jazz it up!

Sometimes all we want in the morning is to snooze the alarm….so we do that. And then it comes to ”I’m late, what am I gonna wear?!” Yeah, we have all been there and we know that this usually ends with the most basic outfit, which we probably regret later in the day (well, maybe you don’t) because some of us love to express ourselves trough fashion. 370 more words


5 Things To Watch Besides The Super Bowl

f you’re like me football isn’t your thing and you’ll be one of those folks not watching the Super Bowl.¬†¬†Seriously, I don’t even know who’s playing. 268 more words


Beating January Blues

I’m so glad it is February. Retail therapy is pretty much the only way to survive January. There is literally nothing good about the cold, dark nights that suddenly seem worse without the glow of a Christmas tree. 197 more words


I watched a movie, that wasn't Netflix!

So today, I ventured out of my lair to the cinema! Unheard of from a Netflix addict I know! However because it was the first of a month I decided to surprise myself on a Sunday morning with popcorn that was not microwaved by yours truly. 283 more words


Few Words

I could have never asked for better,
A friend such as you,
Because amazing people in life,
To find are rare and few.

So I stand here now with few words, 43 more words