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The spotlight effect

Do you sometimes feel like judgmental eyes are glued to you when you suddenly do something embarrassing, perhaps you dropped and you feel like the world is collapsing around you or, accidentally left the price tag on your clothes and now feel as though everyone you ever came across must have noticed? 298 more words

Every Flick, Click and Tune..... WE ARE WATCHING YOU!

It scary to think, But we are constantly watched and monitored in our everyday lives.

What we choose to watch on TV, What we click on the Internet to what radio station we tune into etc. 266 more words


Ku pikir belum ada yang mampu menyaingi betapa manis dan romantisnya sepenggalan lirik yang kerap terngiang di telinga serta selalu dimainkan oleh kepalaku, selain lirik milik MAGIC! 372 more words


God's Forgiveness

I had a dream that I stood on a the cleanest shore, full of evenly colored sand of light tan and it was Day. The sky was so beautiful and everything seemed so peaceful, I felt like I was in paradise. 1,540 more words



A whole pile of clothes from ASOS. <3

A burlap-ish scarf I found on clearance at TJMaxx.

Sunglasses. It’s been a long time since I’ve worn any. 1,015 more words



Dengan lembut tutur katamu, aku rindu dirayu

Rayuan yang tak pernah mampu ku abaikan

Dengan perlahan jemarimu yang berkeliaran diatas kulitku, yang selalu berhasil membuat bulu kuduk meremang, menegang dan tak ingin segera dituntaskan, aku ingin kembali pulang. 327 more words